Tubos Reunidos closes its steelworks in the Tràpaga Valley and transfers its staff to Amurrio




It also plans to close the Pamplona plant and thus merge Tubos Reunidos Industrial, Productos Tubulares (Valle de Trápaga) and Acecsa (Pamplona) to have a single steelworks in the group. ELA and LAB reject the plan and recall that the company received 112 million public money.

Tubos Reunidos plans to invest 60 million in the next five years, and plans to close the drawing plant in Pamplona and the Trápaga Valley steelworks, whose personnel would move to Amurrio, with the intention of having a single steelworks in the group and a single drawing facility located in the aforementioned Alava town.

The seamless tube company received 112.8 million euros in July from the Fund to Support the Solvency of Strategic Companies, and after receiving this public aid, the management presented its strategic plan to social representatives on Thursday, based on the energy transition and decarbonization.

This strategic plan of Tubos Reunidos, which closed 2020 with losses of 101.3 million, does not entail the presentation of any ERE, but, on the contrary, they will be carried out, on the contrary, immediately, exits “without social impact” in the group, mainly, early retirement.

The Plan establishes concentrate its activity in Amurrio of drawing with investments in the current center and also keeping a single steelworks, also the one located in that same town, which will be modernized.

A) Yes, a new group steelworks will be created that will work with new digital technologies, with what is expected a cost reduction and of the CO2 emissions and an improvement in the ability to innovate and develop new products.

The new steelworks will be installed in Amurrio, which It will involve the transfer of the equipment from the Sestao steelworks to Amurrio. This new steelworks of the group will provide the steel for the manufacture of the tubes in Trápaga and Amurrio.

The Trápaga plant will boost its large diameter seamless steel tube manufacturing activity, while in Amurrio it will manufacture tubes with a diameter of up to 7 inches.

In addition, in the next few months, a new center cold drawing, which will involve the transfer of people who work in Pamplona to Amurrio.

The reorganization of the industrial activities of the Tubos Reunidos Group foresees the merger of these three companies of the Tubos Reunidos Industrial group, Productos Tubulares (Trapaga) and Acecsa (Pamplona) into a single one.

Currently, the Group has five production units: Tubos Reunidos Industrial (Amurrio), Tubos Reunidos Premium Threads (Subillabide), Productos Tubulares (Valle de Trápaga) and ACECSA (Pamplona) and RDT Inc (Texas).

For the president of Tubos Reunidos, Francisco Irazusta, “the implementation of the strategic plan will allow Tubos Reunidos to look to the future and be part of the energy transition, in a decarbonized economy and where sustainability is a pillar of industrial activity”

ELA and LAB recall that Tubos Reunidos received 112 million public money

For their part, the ELA union section in Productos Tubulares (Trapagaran) and the LAB union have rejected the viability plan presented by the Tubos Reunidos group.

It’s a statement, IS IT OVER THERE He recalled that the Tubos Reunidos Group received in July an injection of public money of 112.8 million euros, after which, he reproached, one of the first decisions taken was the closure of the Sestao steelworks.

For ELA, this closure decision “endangers the continuity of the company and consequently the destruction of direct and indirect employment in Tubular Products, a company that today has viability, present and future “.

According to the union, this same situation was already attempted in 1993 with the Strategic Adaptation Plan, but the closure of the plant was considered unfeasible, and in 1997, when the strategic plan was finalized, the impossibility was certified again. to carry out the closure of the steelworks to guarantee the viability of Productos Tubulares.

For its part, the union LAB it has rejected the industrial plan presented by Tubos Reunidos because it understands that it will mean “deindustrialization and job destruction with public money.”

LAB has also recalled the aid of 112 million and has accused the company of “use that public money to destroy jobs”.

“He talks about non-traumatic measures but the reality is that public money is going to be used to destroy jobs; he talks about early retirement (26 in the case of Tubular Products) and incentivized leave that will be subsidized with public money,” he criticized.

These workers who will leave, LAB advances, will not be replaced by new ones, “with which the job destruction will be enormous” and to this it is added that the company “He does not talk about what is going to happen with the eventuals. We suspect that they will be fired.”.

Regarding the closure of the Trápaga steelworks and the Pamplona plant to transfer them to Amurrio, LAB has expressed the opinion that they will mean “the total closure of the two plants. We want to remember that the management already made the attempt in 2018 to close the Trápaga plant and only the workers’ struggle was able to paralyze the closure “.

Therefore, LAB has described the approach as “outrageous” and has challenged the institutions not to allow the use of public money to destroy jobs.


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