Trump White House documents had to be recovered from Mar-a-Lago: report

As the committee investigating the January 6 riots reviews Trump administration records, it has emerged that the National Archives recently recovered several boxes of official documents that Donald Trump had transported to his Mar-a-Lago residence, including “love letters”. between the former president and North Korean despot Kim Jong-un.

According to a report from washington postthe documents were recovered from his camp in Florida last month, raising further concerns about Trump’s possible violation of the Presidential Records Act, legislation that requires administrations to keep almost all documentation produced and distributed during the mandate of a president.

The agency later clarified the Publications reporting on Monday, stating that more boxes were removed in January and that the Trump team is still actively seeking more records.

The former president’s team “has informed NARA that they continue to seek additional presidential records,” the National Archives said in a statement.

As several media outlets reported, the committee examining Trump’s White House behavior between the 2020 election and the January 6 insurrection is faced with the difficult fact that the former president often tried to physically destroy documents that were legally required to be preserved, in the process. forcing his staff to stitch pieces of paper together as best they could.

As the Mail Among the documents and items recovered were reportedly not only correspondence with Kim, but also a letter that President Barack Obama left for Trump when he took office.

The news of the Mar-a-Lago document cache comes after the January 6 committee made a legal breakthrough by obtaining a large number of documents and communications records that Trump insisted were covered by the ” executive privilege.

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The former president has unsuccessfully cited the legal principle in court many times as a means of keeping his affairs hidden from scrutiny, but sitting President Joe Biden has refused to extend the privilege to records his predecessor is sensitive about.

In recent weeks, the official wing of the GOP has further endorsed Trump’s preferred (and ever-changing) narrative of the events of January 6, with the RNC formally censuring select committee members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for their participation in the investigation in a motion that also said that those who joined the riots were engaged in “legitimate political speech.”

Even some elected Republicans who have supported Trump objected to this language. At the same time, Mike Pence insisted at a Federalist Society dinner that he had no power to overturn the election result, going so far as to say that “President Trump is wrong” and that there was no “more anti-American” idea. . than the idea spread by the president’s advisers that the result of the elections could or should be annulled by the executive branch.

His position against the former president, which bordered on treason by today’s party standards, received enthusiastic applause.

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