Trump news today: Don Jr testifies to Capitol riot committee as Ohio chooses JD Vance


Biden roasts Trump ‘plague’ at White House Correspondents Dinner

Donald Trump’s preferred candidate JD Vance is set to be the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Ohio as he registered a victory in the primary election there.

Mr Vance, whose long history of opposition to Mr Trump turned off many conservatives despite his enthusiastic embrace of hardcore culture war rhetoric, ultimately captured close to 32 per cent of the vote, putting him more than eight points ahead of former frontrunner Josh Mandel.

the Hillbilly Elegy author’s victory represents a show of the power the former president’s endorsement still holds within the GOP.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has settled a long-running lawsuit brought by the DC attorney general over the financing of his 2017 inauguration, specifically focused on the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

in to statement, Mr Trump claimed to be settling the case “with absolutely no admission of liability or guilt” and couched the news in the context of violent crime, essentially saying he was giving the capital’s law enforcement agencies a break. The settlement reportedly totals some $750,000.


Trump ally Madison Cawthorn criticizes fellow Republicans again

Congressman Madison Cawthorn is once again attacking the reputations of broad swaths of lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including his fellow Republicans.

John Bowden5 May 2022 04:25


Trump attacks Biden administration over DHS board on disinfo

Donald Trump is weighing in on the growing right-wing backlash against the Department of Homeland Security’s effort to fight disinformation including Russian efforts to interfere in American election systems.

In an interview with CBN, he smeared the agency’s efforts as a Soviet-esque effort to control speech.

“Now they’re saying, ‘Oh no, it’s just a recommendation.’ That’s where it all began. I guess that’s what they used to say in Russia. That’s what they said in the Soviet Union, right? We’re just going to do a little bit — no, we can’t do that, we can’t do that. That’s a horrible thing,” he said.

John Bowden5 May 2022 03:20


GOP leader McCarthy supportive of removing Trump quickly in audio

More leaked audio of GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy has been published, today by CNN, and it’s clear that Mr McCarthy was privately completely supportive of removing Donald Trump from office in the hours just after January 6.

The GOP majority leader is heard telling a colleague in the new audio that usage of the 25th Amendment to remove Mr Trump from office was not preferable — but only because it would take “too long”.

Listen to the audio, from CNN:

John Bowden5 May 2022 02:25


Louisiana GOP pushes forward with anti-abortion agenda

Louisiana Republicans on Wednesday debated a bill that would make abortion a crime of murder in the state.

John Bowden5 May 2022 01:25


Biden rips GOP’s ‘ultra-MAGA’ agenda

Joe Biden swiped at the Republican Party and Donald Trump for what he dubbed their “ultra-MAGA agenda” during remarks about the economy on Wednesday, where he celebrated federal deficit reductions that occurred under the first year of his presidency.

His remarks referred largely to a wide-ranging proposal released by Sen Rick Scott that would, among other things, require all federal programs including Medicare and Social Security to be reauthorized by the Senate every few years.

John Bowden5 May 2022 00:25


Mo Brooks uses footage of himself in aftermath of mass shooting in campaign ad endorsed by NRA

Mo Brooks, the Alabama Senate candidate who recently lost Donald Trump’s endorsement, is out with a new ad hitting the media for his reaction to the targeting of Republican lawmakers by a gunman at a congressional baseball practice.

The ad uses footage of Mr Brooks taken moments after the shooting, and slams reporters for asking in the immediate aftermath whether the congressman still opposes gun control legislation.

Read more from The Independent’s Ben Hurley:

John BowdenMay 4, 2022 23:12


Jan 6 defendant arrested

The Department of Justice’s effort to prosecute the hundreds of Americans who stormed the Capitol and battled with law enforcement on January 6.

NBC News correspondent Ryan J Reilly has more:

John BowdenMay 4, 2022 22:25


Donald Trump Jr testifies to Jan 6 committee

Donald Trump Jr testified remotely before lawmakers on the Jan 6 committee on Tuesday, according to Politician and CNN.

The president’s eldest son and longtime campaign surrogate did not plead the Fifth and instead answered questions from members of the panel, according to CNN.

The cable news channel’s source described the meeting as lasting a little more than three hours and having a “cordial” tone.

John Bowden4 May 2022 21:34


Kayleigh McEnany keeping her children away from Disney after “Don’t Say Gay” furore

Former Trump spokeswoman turned Fox News talking head Kayleigh McEnany has shared a video in which she explains that though her daughter loves all things Disney, she cannot “in good faith” do that, “at least not in the near future”, because of the company’s opposition to Florida’s notorious “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

The conservative backlash directed at Disney has manifested itself in proposed legislation dissolving the company’s longtime governing agreement in several counties, a move that some say could sharply raise taxes on residents.

Andrew Naughty4 May 2022 19:35


Kellyanne Conway complains about people lying on TV

Kellyanne Conway, whose repeated propagation of falsehoods (or “alternative facts”) via the airwaves made her a figure of both mockery and contempt during the Trump administration, last night joined Fox News’s Laura Ingraham to vent her disgust at people who are never held” accountable” for what they say on TV.

Andrew Naughty4 May 2022 19:00


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