Trump news today: AG dubbed ‘racist’ for investigating his taxes says she won’t be ‘bullied’

Trump impeachment witness mocks ex-president’s ‘word vomit’ over Putin

Former President Donald Trump sent out special Easter messages to “radical Left maniacs” and New York Attorney General Letitia James, whom he described as a “failed gubernatorial candidate and racist”.

Continuing the holiday theme, Mr Trump was lampooned in the cold open of Saturday night Live along with other notable figures.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy denied that Republicans are being over-confident about November’s midterms and the prospects of retaking the lower chamber of Congress.

“Americans want, need and deserve [a] clear, common sense alternative,” he said on Fox News Sunday.

GOP congressman Fred Upton said on NBC he believes the popularity of the more extreme members of the party puts it in “troubled waters” — a sentiment echoed by Mitch McConnell and other more moderate figures in the party who want to have broader appeal.

Mr Trump recently endorsed controversial Hillbilly Elegy author and venture capitalist JD Vance in the Ohio GOP Senate Primary on Friday evening. “We cannot play games,” he said. “It is all about winning!”



White House press secretary Jen Psaki had harsh words for Fox News’s White House correspondent Peter Doocy last week.

Suggesting on Pod Save America that Fox News “provides” the journalist with the questions he peppers Ms Psaki with at her daily briefings, Ms Psaki explained: “He works for a network that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of ab****.”

Read more from The Independent’s Gustaf Kilander:

John Bowden19 April 2022 03:15


Trump lashes out at investigation into his taxes, saying NYC authorities should focus on subway shooting and other crimes instead

Donald Trump on Monday doubled down and referred to New York’s attorney general as “racist” in a lengthy statement urging her to focus on other crimes and desist in her office’s investigation into his company for fraud charges.

The ex-president bizarrely claimed in his statement that his real estate company had “probably done more for New York than virtually any other person or group”.

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John Bowden19 April 2022 02:15


ICYMI: JD Vance scores Trump endorsement in Ohio Senate contest

Author JD Vance is Donald Trump’s pick to win the Ohio Senate primary, a surprise move that could reinvigorate the campaign of Mr Vance who is currently trailing some rivals in the Republican field including Josh Mandel, the presumed frontrunner.

Mr Vance was called the “best chance for victory” against Democrats in the fall for control of the Senate seat, held by retiring Republican Rob Portman.

Read more from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:

John Bowden19 April 2022 01:15


Why is the GOP so obsessed with Hunter Biden?

Donald Trump and his allies spread false claims and vicious rumors about Joe Biden’s son Hunter during the 2020 election, including attacking him for his past struggles with drug addiction.

Those attacks have not even slowed down since Joe Biden won the election, as Republicans turn away from kitchen-table issues in favor of ginning up excitement with their base with the prospect of punishing one of the GOP’s political boogeymen.

Read more from The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg:

John Bowden19 April 2022 00:16


Former GOP governor deals blow to party’s efforts to win in Wisconsin

A former Republican governor of Wisconsin announced that he would not run for office again on Monday, ending speculation that he could challenge Tony Evers, the state’s Democratic incumbent governor.

Tommy Thompson’s entrance into the race would have come more than two decades since his last run for office. A crowded field of GOP candidates remain, several of whom have echoed Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election.

Read more from the Associated Press:

John Bowden18 April 2022 23:15


MAGA wing of the GOP posts dismal fundraising numbers. Are their seats still safe in 2022?

Trump loyalists in the House are seeing their fundraising drop as the question of how much enthusiasm Donald Trump can generate for his allies continues to be debated.

The Independent’s Eric Garcia takes a look at several members of Congress and how they are leveraging the Trump brand into cold, hard campaign cash:

John Bowden18 April 2022 22:44


ICYMI: Trump’s scandal-plagued EPA head is running for Senate

Scott Pruitt, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is running for the Senate. He announced his bid for the seat currently held by retiring Sen James Inhofe of Oklahoma last week, joining a crowded GOP field for the seat which is likely to remain in Republican hands.

Mr Pruitt resigned as head of the EPA amid scandals surrounding his use of employees to perform personal tasks and lavish spending habits.

Read more from The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg:

John Bowden18 April 2022 22:17


Trump ally Marjorie Taylor Greene sees fundraising lag

An ally of Donald Trump is seeing her fundraising lag as she campaigns for reelection in Georgia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a top promoter of Mr Trump’s conspiracies in the House, oversaw a campaign that spent more than $300,000 more in the first quarter of 2022 than it raised. She faces several GOP primary challengers in her deep-red district, and polls showed her tied with one of her challengers de ella in January.

Read more from The Independent’s Oliver O’Connell:

John Bowden18 April 2022 21:40


Tucker Carlson hosts two butchers who believe aliens landing in UFOs are mutilating cattle: ‘Thank you for the reality check’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ended an interview on his Fox Nation show with two UFO theory promoters who posited that cattle were being found “mutilated” in New Mexico, allegedly by extraterrestrials, by thanking the men for providing a “reality check” for his viewers .

Adding no doubt that he was being serious in his support for the men’s claims, he added: “Based on the evidence I think you put it really clearly”.

John Bowden18 April 2022 21:21


Kimberly Guilfoyle testifies to Jan 6 committee

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the partner of Donald Trump Jr., was in Washington on Monday and was spotted in the offices of the January 6 committee where she apparently testified before the committee’s members.

CBS News first reported her appearance at the committee’s offices on Monday.

“Ms. Guilfoyle met with Donald Trump inside the White House, spoke at the rally that took place before the riot on January 6th, and apparently played a key role organizing and raising funds for that event. The Select Committee is seeking information from her about these and other matters. Because Ms. Guilfoyle backed out of her original commitment to provide a voluntary interview, we are issuing today’s subpoena that will compel her to testify. We expect her to comply with the law and cooperate,” said the panel last month.

John Bowden18 April 2022 20:27

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