Trial for the custody of Irune Costumero’s daughter: Experts declare





The Provincial Council of Bizkaia withdrew from Irune Costumero the custody of her daughter on the grounds that the girl suffered from the so-called parental alienation syndrome. The trial has been seen for sentence.


Costumero case trial.  Image: EITB Media

Forensics and psychiatrists have found that the parental alienation syndrome, on which the resolution of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia was based, which withdrew Irune Costumero joint custody dictated by a judge does not appear in any list of pathologies of international medical institutions.

The trial that follows in the Hearing of Bizkaia against the provincial deputy of Social Action, Sergio murillo, and three officials of the Children’s service have been seen for sentence, after a session in which that supposed pathology that the psychologists had appreciated in the girl, who refused to be with her father, when she was five years old, has been discredited.

That syndrome, scientifically denied by the World Health Organization (WHO), was rejected by the General Council of the Judiciary and is already persecuted by the Child Protection Law approved in the Courts, considering that it undermines the credibility of mothers and buries testimonies of abuse, turning suspicion towards they.

Furthermore, in the last session of the trial, the Chamber has heard an audio recording of the moment when the girl is separated from the mother with four minutes of crying and screaming from the minor calling her mistress and begging the officials to “let go of me, let me go.”

What was heard in that recording contradicts the account of the defendants present and the Ertzainas who stated in court that “it was not a violent act” and that the girl, although she protested at first, left “calmly.”

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The camera recordings from that provincial headquarters on the day of the separation of the girl from her mother disappeared and that is why that audio test that a provincial worker “with conscience” gave to the mother, Irune Costumero, has been heard, according to his lawyer Iñaki Arana, who believes that “dismantles the Chinese story that the Provincial Council told us about what that separation was like.”

The prosecution has recalled its recusal of the Chamber by estimating that the constitutional right has been violated to an impartial judge and a fair trial and it has deemed the continued prevarication proven because the defendants adopted a resolution against a final sentence of shared custody, without having previously communicated it to the judge, or to the Prosecutor’s Office, and they kept it for three years “in a way that is impervious to the law and they did not care. breaking the law “.

They drew up a regional order by which the institution assumed custody of the minor provisionally and grants the father the stay, on a report from a social worker accused in this case, who argued “a marental alienation”, for which the girl rejected her father.

That report in turn was based on an assessment of a psychologist of the Barakaldo Town Hall who observed this supposed syndrome in the girl, although today he said that he was referring only to “features” of that alienation or manipulation by the mother.

And so, said the lawyer, a “biased and biased” report full of “false statements” put “a system to work to remove the girl from her mother, 10 years after the Court of Biscay resolved that this syndrome is “another way of offering violence to women”.

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The forensic reports and the prosecution experts have expressed their conviction that Irune Costumero is a victim of gender violence, despite the fact that her ex-partner has been acquitted, and they have agreed that the separation from her mother for almost four years It has caused psychological damage in the minor, who to this day continues to reject her father.

Thus, the prosecution has again requested the conviction of the four defendants to 5 years, eight months and one day in prison, in addition to 15 years of special disqualification for public office or employment for the alleged crimes of continued prevarication, mistreatment and a crime of mental injuries to both the mother and the daughter.

The prosecutor and the defense demand his free acquittal and that the mother pay the costs for “recklessness and procedural bad faith.”


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