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The misty landscapes of Wales by the writer Dylan Thomas, 50 essential music festivals, a guide to South Korea written by a Korean, the extraterrestrial scenes of Ethiopia or an atlas of Spain for the little ones. These eight literary novelties can be a perfect gift for being festive or the best resource to dream about that next and long-awaited adventure.

A trip to the Wales of Dylan Thomas.  Hymns to the sun in the dark.  Editorial La Línea del Horizonte.  14.50 euros.

Traces of a cursed poet

A trip to the Wales of Dylan Thomas. Hymns to the sun in the dark. Editorial La Línea del Horizonte. 14.50 euros.

“Where once the waters of your face / spun driven by my propellers, your harsh ghost blows, / the dead look up; / where one day the newts poked their hair / through your ice, the harsh wind sails ”. A cursed halo surrounded the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who died of alcohol in New York at the age of 39 and caused a young musician named Robert Allen Zimmerman to change his name to Bob Dylan. This book by Juan Pablo Bertazza is about all this, and his native Wales.

The great winter.  Editorial Errata Naturae.  20 euros.

Written by the fireplace

The great winter. Editorial Mistakes of Nature. 20 euros.

“Snow hangs from the trees like the fruit of the season. In those twigs that the wind has kept bare there is already a warmer green that stands out. The whole tree suggests a kind of interior and home comfort ”. The nature of the colder months seeps into the pages of this book, a compilation of texts from Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), a great defender of the wild and untouched spaces, who lived for more than two years alone in the woods, in a cabin next to Lake Walden (Massachusetts, USA). Translation by Silvia Moreno Parrado.

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Festivals  Editorial Anaya Touring.  24.95 euros.

Fifty scenarios

Festivals Editorial Anaya Touring. 24,95 euros.

“Every summer we will rent a little house on the Isle of Wight,” sang the Beatles in When I’m Sixty Four (When I am 64 years old). Oliver Keens is a journalist and DJ. He was director of the music and nightlife sections of Time Out London and has collaborated with media such as The Times Y The Independent. With his music and his work, he has toured the main musical events, past or active, from the mythical festivals of the aforementioned English island – where Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors performed – or Glastonbury, passing through the AfriKaBurn in South Africa.

Life in the voids of the planet.  Editorial Lunwerg.  24.50 euros.

Transcendental deserts

Life in the voids of the planet. Editorial Lunwerg. 24.50 euros.

“In the desert the immensity of time is lived daily. Its geology is visible even to an amateur. The skeleton of the planet appears without complexities. The history of the Earth is read as in an open book. Nature teaches us wisdom ”. La cita, by the French explorer Théodore Monod (1902-2000), condenses the essence of this hardcover book where the adventurers Sebastián Álvaro and Jose Mari Azpiazu tell of their experiences in the hot or cold deserts of the planet, from the sands of the Sahara or the Gobi to Antarctica.

Atlas of Spain.  Editorial Lonely Planet.  29.50 euros.

Geography and history for children

Atlas of Spain. Editorial Lonely Planet. 29,50 euros.

This large-format hardcover book, prepared by Joaquín Arias Pereira and Alejandra Fernández Mingorance and designed for children aged seven and over, “gives a modern, fun and heterogeneous vision of our country, community by community.” With illustrated maps of Spain and each region that show from the geography of the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands to customs and festivals, monuments, legends, nature, gastronomy, characters from the arts, science and literature, and a fun line of time from the Paleolithic to the present day.

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Expedition to the salt volcano.  Editorial Guadalmazán.  25 euros.

The colors of the Danakil

Expedition to the salt volcano. Editorial Guadalmazán. 25 euros.

The Danakil depression, in the heart of Ethiopia is one of the most extreme and hostile places on Earth. A desert of lava and salt in which you can see, for example, one of the few boiling lava lakes – that of the Erta Ale volcano – or the bubbling and multicolored sulfurous lagoons of the Dallol plain, where the stony crystallization of salt and thermal and volcanic activity have created an immense sea of ​​multi-colored mud. Silbia López de Lacalle’s text and watercolors take us on a journey through this beautiful and inhospitable landscape.

The Grand Tour. The Golden Age of Travel. Editorial Taschen. 60 euros.

In the golden age of travel

The Grand Tour. The Golden Age of Travel. Editorial bags. 60 euros.

In this sumptuous large-format hardcover book in three languages ​​(English, French and German) designed as a gift or for collectors, Marc Walter and Sabine Arqué relive an era of discovery and traveling romanticism spanning between 1869 and 1939. Illustrated with multitude of posters and daguerreotypes taken during the turn of the century, including fragments of works by Jules Verne, Dickens, Goethe or F. Scott Fitzgerald, and takes us back to the golden age of adventures on the Orient Express, the Grand Tour of Italy or the Trans-Siberian.

Live Korea.  Editorial Anaya Touring.  24.95 euros.

South Korea for beginners

Live Korea. Editorial Anaya Touring. 24,95 euros.

Korean journalist Soo Kim grew up in New York and currently resides in London, where she was head of the travel section of The Daily Telegraph. In this hardcover guide, of the context calls, more useful to read before the trip than to carry with you, she explores the culture and society of South Korea, a country that, without being as well known as its neighbor Japan, arouses more and more curiosity about its exotic gastronomy, the phenomenon of K-pop and the success of movies like Parasitesby Bong Joon-ho. Translation by Ana Isabel Pérez Ocaña.

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