Travel chaos with airport passengers forced to wait up to three hours to collect luggage

Holidaymakers coming in and out of Bristol Airport have been struck with massive waits and huge queues to collect their bags as one passenger feared things might “kick off”

Queues at Bristol Airport this morning

There has been more travel chaos with British holidaymakers at Bristol airport forced to wait up to three hours to collect their luggage.

One passenger said they were worried some of the crowds would “kick off” as things got “very heated” whilst people waited hours.

A number of people have taken to social media to vent and complain about the massive waits, which follow on from a weekend that saw considerable waiting times as well, Bristol Live reported .

There are also reports of people deciding to sleep on the floor as they wait.

It all comes amid an exceptionally busy month for airports across Britain which have reported queues and chaos as the travel industry tries to adjust to post-lockdown demand once more.

Chaos at Bristol Airport yesterday

One man, who was waiting more than two hours, said: “Police around as very heated as many passengers set off from Cyprus yesterday 20.30 pm time here and still no baggage yet been told offloading now, but there is other flights in now which I think they’ve held there luggage outside until ours is on as think it would kick off.”

One holidaymaker said they had been waiting two years for their holiday to Rhodes only for their suitcase to be lost.

They said: “Perhaps you could find my missing suitcase. I’m in Rhodes since Friday flying with jet 2 and it’s now Monday and no sign of my suitcase…. We’ve waited 2 years for this holiday and it’s been ruined by you….”

Another passenger smoked that after arriving an hour late they were then informed that there was no one to unload their cases.

They were left waiting for three hours with no luggage as flights coming in after they collected their bags.

A number of airports like Bristol have struggled post-lockdown to deal with demand

One woman said: “Absolutely shambles at baggage claim AGAIN!!! Parents in their 70s landed at 6am this morning (an hour late) 8.30am they still have no luggage or even been offered refreshments!”

The situation got so bad that some were told to head home and that their bags would then be couriered to them.

After venting about the carnage after arriving from Larnaca, one passenger simply ended with: “There’s kids screaming and total chaos.”

Another passenger was left waiting at 4am with their young child whilst others slammed it all as a “joke”.

A Bristol Airport spokesperson said: “We apologize for the delay customers experienced upon the arrival of their baggage this morning.

“This was due to some flights arriving off schedule and airline ground handling resources being stretched.

“Bristol Airport will continue to work closely with the airline handling agent to reduce the inconvenience to customers and ensure the normal high levels of customer service are maintained.

“An internal investigation with the airline ground handling agent will be completed.”

Bristol Airport has been far from the only struggle in Britain in recent weeks and months.

The recent bank holiday weekend saw chaos across the country as airports struggled to deal with demand.

Manchester Airport has been one of a number to struggle recently and during the bank holiday weekend the queues stretched out the door.

Birmingham and Stansted Airports both faced chaos and even those hoping to train across on the Eurostar found themselves waiting in line.

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