Torrent convenes a full investiture of Jordi Turull for March 22, 2018




The JxCat candidate may be invested in this way before being processed by the Supreme Court. The CUP will decide whether to vote in favor of Turull at 3:00 p.m., two hours before the start of the plenary session.


The president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, convened yesterday, Wednesday, the plenary session to invest President of the Generalitat to Jordi Turull, candidate proposed by Junts per Catalunya (JxCat), after carrying out a round of express telephone contacts this Wednesday afternoon, according to parliamentary sources.

Thus, Turull may be invested before the Supreme Court order its processing predictably this Friday, as it transpired yesterday morning. The investiture session will begin at 17:00 hours.

Thus, JxCat, ERC and the CUP agreed to hold the plenary session this Thursday in Parliament to invest Turull. Torrent appeared shortly before 10 p.m. last night in his office in Parliament to announce the decision taken, which had been advanced by parliamentary sources, after the contacts maintained in the afternoon between the pro-independence forces to give a joint response to Llarena.

The president of the Parliament stressed that he has decided to urgently convene the plenary session for this Thursday to avoid “interference” that it considers that “they could take place next Friday”, when the Supreme Court has summoned Jordi Turull to assess possible precautionary measures.

“It is the representatives of the people who will decide whether or not Jordi Turull is the president. Let us put politics at the center of everything. Tomorrow – today – the representatives of the popular sovereignty of Catalonia will meet to do what we always have to do: speak debate and finally vote, “he said.

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The president of the Catalan Chamber indicated that, after the round of telephone consultations, he was able to verify that Turull is the only candidate proposed and the one who “can obtain the most support”.

The CUP announced that it will decide whether to vote favorably for Jordi Turull at a meeting of its political council to be held this Thursday at 3:00 p.m., two hours before the start of the plenary session, so it will keep the suspense until the end.

Turull promises to preside over the Government for all Catalans and dialogue without exclusions

The JxCat candidate to preside over the Generalitat, Jordi Turull, promised to assume the position governing for all Catalans and dialoguing without exclusions, and said that it would be “an immense honor” if the rest of the deputies elected him.

“I will work tirelessly for the progress and protection of the 7.5 million Catalans, their rights, their freedom and their democratic mandates,” he said in a tweet.

The dismissed president of the Generalitat, Carles PuigdemontHe said in a tweet that Turull “will be a great president to reverse the effects of 155” and affirmed that “no maneuver by the State will be able to crack his dignity.”

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The Spanish government He accused the president of the Parliament of undermining the dignity of that institution by acting with haste and lack of transparency by calling an investiture session for this Thursday and warned that he will maintain 155 until there is a Government that takes office in accordance with the law.

For her part, the leader of Ciudadanos, Ines Arrimadas, he transferred to Torrent that it is a “shame that they continue to degrade” the Parliament “using it” as a “particular setting for the ‘show of the procés'” to “continue fueling the clash and confrontation” with the State.

The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, He told the president of the Parliament his position “against forcing procedures and deadlines” after calling him to communicate the convocation of the plenary session.

The president of the Catalan PP, Xavier Garcia Albiol, considered “a fraud of law” the convocation of the plenary session. “All typical of banana republics,” said the leader.

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