Torra on the judgment of the TSJC of disqualification, on December 19, 2019


Response to the TSJC


The president of the Generalitat has announced that they will present an appeal against the ruling that disables him and that he has asked the Parliament for a vote on this “political sentence.”


Quim Torra / EFE

The president of Catalonia, Quim Roast, has diminished the value of the sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that has sentenced him to a year and a half of disqualification for a crime of disobedience, and has stressed that “a politically motivated court will not disqualify me, that can only be done by the Parliament of Catalonia “.

In an institutional statement at the Palau de la Generalitat in front of the Government councilors, the president has considered it “necessary” that the Parliament reaffirm its figure at the head of the Generalitat, for which it has proposed to the groups that promote a vote about this “political sentence”.

In fact, he has assured that he has already transferred the two groups that gave him support in the investiture that promote this initiative and, at the request of JxCat, ERC and the CUP, the Board of Spokespersons has met in Parliament to address the situation .

Likewise, it has announced that its lawyers will present appeal to the Supreme Court and he has advocated for exhausting the judicial process in Spain, since his trust in Spanish justice is “null”.

“My conviction is his conviction,” the president began by replicating the words he spoke before the TSJC in a case in which he claimed to have defended the freedom of expression of all citizens by duty and obligation.

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He has charged against the court that has issued the opinion formed by “three people devoid of the most elementary impartiality, in a process full of irregularities, promoted by a Prosecutor’s Office turned into guarantor of the interests of the Spanish Government that intends to change a president chosen by the representatives of millions of Catalans “.

“This is the dimension of the disproportion with which the State persecutes, criminalizes, represses and intends to put and remove presidents and governments in Catalonia”, the president has assured that it still is because the judgment of the TSJC is not final.

Parliamentary initiative

Thus, the first route that Torra takes is that of parliamentary action through a vote promoted by the groups – he has also asked for support from those who want to “oppose repression and the use of justice to do politics”.

“It is not about giving support to me, to Quim Torra, but to make it clear that the presidents of this country are not decided by the courts in irregular, politicized procedures and with sentences already drawn up before the trial. It has to be made clear where it lies the sovereignty of the people of Catalonia because this today is an open door to excess, authoritarianism and against freedom of expression “, the president has settled.

Legal route

After the parliamentary route, he has explained that his defense will present an appeal against the sentence that will be based on the fact that he considers that his right to raise a preliminary question at European authorities was not respected in the TSJC.

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For Torra, this fact supposes the violation of fundamental rights and sees it necessary that the scope of the guarantee of these rights, which is situated in Europe, “establishes a position before irreparable damage occurs that would affect the right of millions of European citizens “.

One argument, that of the violation of the rights of voters, which has also been used by ERC after the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (TEU) this Thursday.

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