Torra demands from Sánchez a proposal on the right of self-determination




The president of the Generalitat warns Pedro Sánchez that if there is no concrete proposal before November, the Catalan independentists will stop supporting him in the Congress of Deputies.


The Catalan President, Quim Torra, has warned the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, that if he does not present a proposal for “an agreed, binding and internationally recognized referendum”, the independence movement “will not be able to guarantee any kind of stability in Congress.”

During his speech before the plenary session at the beginning of the general policy debate in Parliament, Torra said that “Catalonia’s patience is not infinite and Pedro Sánchez’s margin has run out”, so today he will send the Chief Executive central a letter asking for a meeting “as soon as possible” to “negotiate.”

In this sense, he has challenged the Spanish president to make “concrete and courageous commitments” and to stop “threats and vagueness”, and has stressed that if he does not offer “before November” a proposal on “how he wants to facilitate the exercise of self-determination “, the independence movement “It will not be able to guarantee any type of stability in the Congress of Deputies”.

“We offer negotiation to the State, and to the international community directly, a mediation, in case the proposal of an agreed, binding and internationally recognized referendum opens the way to solve the very serious current crisis,” he said.

But, at the same time, he has stressed that he does not want “to hear Sánchez speak of dialogue again if it is not exercised and not if it is not specified clearly.”

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The Catalan president has regretted that Sánchez has accused him of “putting political normalization at risk by encouraging radicals to besiege democratic institutions”: “I want to remind you – Torra replied – that the one who puts political normalization at risk is your Government by maintaining political prisoners and exiles and preventing the right of self-determination of Catalonia. Well, enough “.

For the Catalan president, the Government of Catalonia has been “very patient with the tripartite of 155” and “more patient than the citizens demanded, who defended democracy a year ago.”

In fact, he has considered that the State and its “authoritarian and repressive drift” are the “most responsible for the tension in the streets”, for which he has opined that “we are all interested in resolve a political conflict that it should never have occurred in these terms of jail and exile, judicial persecution and police violence. “

“Whoever thinks that all this will set us back is that he does not know the determination and strength that makes us know that we will always be at the side of democracy, freedom and peace,” he said.

On the other hand, Torra has urged the President of the Spanish Government to withdraw the challenges before the Constitutional Court on Catalan social laws -the vast majority brought by the previous Executive of the PP- and has warned that, if it does not do so, the process will begin to re-approve these regulations in the Parliament.

He has emphasized to Sánchez that “the solution is not a new statute” and has thus recalled the experience of the previous statutory reform and the “I will support” that the former president of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero pronounced at the time in Catalonia.

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In this sense, he stressed that will not renounce “never the mandate of 1-O”: “The right to self-determination does not belong to me, but to the people and it is an inalienable right that they have.”

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