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For its part, ERC has replied that “this is not the time to set dates”, and the CUP maintains that the president of the Generalitat has “little credibility.”


Quim Torra during his appearance

The President of the Generalitat, Quim Roast, He began his speech in the Parliament this Thursday pointing out his political response to the sentence of the ‘procés’: “If by putting ballot boxes they sentence us to 100 years, the answer is clear, we will have to put ballot boxes again for self-determination.”

Torra has called on the parties and entities to work to “specify the ways to exercise the right to self-determination in the shortest possible time.” “We all have to make this effort and make this commitment. This legislature, if we all make it possible, we have to be able to finalize it by validating independence“, it is finished.

In his appearance before the plenary session of the Parliament to respond to the sentences of the Supreme Court in the case of the ‘procés’, Torra has shown his “indignation and consternation” for a sentence that he has described as “huge farce” and of “infamous” and that it represents, he has said, “revenge and lesson”.

The sentence, he denounced, “buries the foundations of the law” and supposes the establishment of a “state right against dissent that is only based on the sacred unity of Spain”, because “It limits from now on in a shameful way many of the rights”.

“Neither the unity of Spain nor the independence of Catalonia can serve as an excuse to violate the rights of the population and political representatives,” he added.

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ERC responds that this is not the time

For his part, Sergi Sabrià, the spokesperson for ERC, has replied that his party will “value” Torra’s proposal, implying that his group did not know about the initiative, and has demanded agreements from him before proposing initiatives because “it is through the great consensus that the independence movement has become great. “.

In addition, Sabrià has taken advantage of his intervention to point out that “it is not the time to set dates, but to work to accumulate forces” and censure the actions of the Mossos these days, since “a democratic police does not run over.”

Reaction of the rest of the groups

From the CUP, Natàlia Sànchez has argued that Torra has “little credibility” when announcing that in this legislature the right of self-determination will be exercised again. “We see that it is risky and not very useful to make announcements with specific dates and without weaving previous agreements” with parties and social movements, he stressed.

Lorena Roldán (Cs) has accused Torra of being the only infiltrator for not explaining if he is related to those investigated for alleged terrorism, and has asked the constitutionalists to put aside differences and defend coexistence and freedom.

From the PSC, Miquel Iceta has made it clear to Torra that Catalonia “will not cease to be an autonomy in the next three years”, and for this reason he has insisted that he not continue on the path of wanting to return to self-determination and limit himself to guaranteeing coexistence, security and defend self-government.

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The president of the ‘common‘, Jèssica Albiach, has regretted that Torra has not summoned the parties to a meeting away from the spotlight to make a real dialogue. The spokeswoman has requested the resignation of the president because she considers his actions “delusional and irresponsible.”

The leader of the PP in Parliament, Alejandro Fernández, has warned the president of the Generalitat that “no one will recognize the right of self-determination” of Catalonia, and has asked him to be aware of reality.

Furthermore, Albert Batet (JxCat) has charged against Cs, PSC and PP, and has asked them: Do we independentistas have the right to exist? Do we have the right to think? Do we have the right to want a republic? Do we have the right to want to talk about sovereignty? Not wanting a king? To want the self-determination of Catalonia? “.

“I am also guilty”

Thus, Torra has declared that he is also “guilty” of the “false crimes” for which the independence leaders have been convicted by the Supreme Court: “If our colleagues have been found guilty, I am too.”

He has also encouraged the rest of the House deputies to emulate his gesture and incriminate themselves for these crimes: “I hope that colleagues, who also feel injured, do the same.”

In addition, he has appealed to the acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to “face the conflict as democracies do, speaking and giving a voice to the citizenry.”

“It will be necessary to investigate who is behind the incidents”

In reference to the serious incidents that occurred in Barcelona in recent days, Torra has announced that “it will be necessary to investigate thoroughly to find out who is behind it.” “If there are provocateurs and agitators who want to change the course of peaceful mobilizations, they must be isolated and separated,” he insisted.

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However, he has asked that no one “criminalize civil disobedience” and has urged the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, to “investigate any irregular situation that may have occurred and make self-criticism when necessary, and now is the time to do it “, because with the loads “There have been images and situations that nobody liked.”

Protesters, amid the riots in Barcelona. Photo: EFE

Calvo criticizes Torra’s conviction last night

Meanwhile, the acting vice president of the Spanish Government, Carmen Calvo, has assured today that the sentence that Torra carried out at midnight was “crawling and without conviction” and he has warned him that if he crosses the lines established by the Constitutional Court, which has already warned him of criminal consequences, the Spanish Government will act.

For Calvo, Torra’s attitude is not at the level of the position he occupies, nor of his responsibility and has criticized his attempts so that both the Catalan Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, and the command of the Mossos, Eduard Sallent, resigned: It is very far from what corresponds to a president of Catalonia, who would have to be in the first level of security “and instead of that,” he is in that of activist.

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