Torra asks for an urgent meeting with Felipe VI and Sánchez to address the ‘crisis’


Sentence of the ‘process’

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The President of the Generalitat dismisses the sentence as “an insult to democracy and a contempt for Catalan society.” Torrent has said that “they condemn us all.”


Quim Torra's appearance

The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has explained that he has sent to King Felipe VI and the acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, letters to ask them for an “urgent meeting” in order to “discuss the crisis which opens with the sentence “of the Supreme Court.

Torra has appeared in the Gothic Gallery of the Palau de la Generalitat, flanked by the councilors of his Government, the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, and sovereign members of the Table of the Catalan chamber, as well as the former president Artur Mas, among other personalities Catalan politics.

In his institutional statement to react to the publication of the “procés” sentence, Torra has advanced that in the next few days he will appear in Parliament to address this matter and tomorrow morning the Government will hold an extraordinary meeting.

Torra has requested by letter the meetings with the king and Sánchez at a time when Catalonia is “experiencing a serious hour”, after hearing a sentence against “honorable and peaceful” people: “Condemning them is a insult to democracy and a disparagement of society Catalan “, he stressed.

Torra has remarked that organizing a referendum “is not a crime” stipulated in the Penal Code and has denounced that “there have been made up facts and a false tale“to carry out” an act of revenge and not justice. “

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In this context, he has demanded “an end to the repression and the freedom of political prisoners and exiles, including the amnesty as an end point for all the people retaliated. “

He stressed that the way to resolve the conflict should always be “the word, the vote and freedom“Well,” the threat, punishment and imprisonment are not a solution at all. “

“The use of the Penal Code against the popular will is a inheritance of the dictatorship, not a characteristic of democracy, “he warned.

Torra has reiterated the Government’s commitment to advance on the path of the Catalan republic “without excuses” and has warned that “repression will not win the game” to self-determination.

In this sense, it has indicated that the “sacrifice” of the damned will not be “in vain”, but “seed of freedom and justice”, and has expressed his conviction that Catalan society will know how to respond with “firmness” and, at the same time, “peaceful sense”.

Letters to the king and to Sánchez

In the letters sent to King Felipe VI and the acting President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, urging a meeting, he assures that the sentences for 1-O are unjust and defends that the sentence should be handed down against whoever ordered the loads that day.

“Today who would have to receive sentence are the aggressors of that day. Who should be condemned is the one who ordered the indiscriminate aggression to citizens of peace who did not commit any crime with a voting ballot in their hands, “he states in the letters, which contain the same text.

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In addition, he criticizes that the sentence, instead of solving the conflict in Catalonia, worsens the situation and moves away the solution, but insists on his willingness to dialogue: “We have been always ready to talk and to dialogue about this political conflict that must be resolved, today more than ever, politically. “


For his part, the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, has considered the sentence “an attack on democracy and the rights of all citizens.”

In a series of tweets, he said: “Today they condemn us all, not just 12 people,” and stressed that freedoms are also condemned.

Torrent has asked to convert sadness into energy: “From non-violence, let us defend fundamental rights and freedoms. As we have always done, let us find the strength and intelligence necessary to resist the worst stakes and build scenarios for the future and hope.”

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