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The president of the Generalitat intends “to continue being president of Catalonia and a deputy.” “The time has come to stand up,” he said.

Quim Roast, President of the Generalitat, has announced that It will “disobey” the decision of the Central Electoral Board if so endorsed by the ParliamentThis has been the case, because “disobedience in the face of attacks on democracy” is an “obligation.” “The time has come to stand up,” he added.

In his intervention before the plenary session of the Parliament after the resolution of the JEC that orders the withdrawal of the act of deputy in the Parliament and execute his disqualification, Torra has denounced: “An Electoral Board chosen by parties and by a lottery intends to disqualify me. I will not allow it. if so decided by this Parliament “.

According to Torra, “disobedience in the face of attacks on democracy, in the face of injustices and abuses, is not only a right, but an obligation for any ruler and citizen”, and must be “a duty for any president of a country”, reason why he thinks “to continue being president of Catalonia and deputy” if this is ratified by the Parliament.

The president has criticized that parties go to judicial instances such as the JEC to achieve objectives that they have not achieved at the polls: “The time has come to stand up, to say enough to the degradation of this Parliament, to defend the sovereignty of the Chamber and the inviolability of all its members. “

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The resolution of the JEC comes after the request of PP and Ciudadanos, and Torra has demanded that they not be “afraid of the word of democratic combat”, and recalled that during the time in which the independence movement did not have a parliamentary majority, the groups that defended it respected the democratic framework.

Torra recalled the motion of censure presented by Cs that the Parliament rejected: “But it was not enough and we had to look for that political and politicized body that they always have ready for punishment on demand: the JEC.”

“I owe myself to this parliament. I only recognize this House the ability to withdraw the confidence it gave me,” he has settled.

Support of the independentistas

At the end of the appearance, and after more than an hour of discussion within the Parliamentary Board, the pro-independence groups have asserted their majority to be able to vote on proposals for resolutions in line with this debate.

With the 74 votes of the three pro-independence forces and the commons, the Parliament has agreed “reject the resolution of the JEC”.

And, with the support of the 67 deputies of JxCat, ERC and the CUP -Catalunya in Comú Podem has abstained, PSC and PPC have voted against, while Cs has not participated in any vote- the chamber has “ratified” Torra as deputy and president.

The approved text also qualifies as a “coup d’état” the “attempt by the JEC to disqualify” Torra “in contravention of the political will of the Catalans.”

ERC spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has closed ranks with Torra and has warned that “there are no fissures” between the Government partners in the face of “repression.”

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“President Torra, we are the same team,” he said.

The CUP deputy Carles Riera has assured this Saturday that ratifying Quim Torra in his capacity as president of the Generalitat and deputy is a gesture of “disobedience” before “the apparatuses of a State” that denies “rights” and has called for “continued civil mobilization.”

Concentration in front of the Parliament

Several hundred protesters participate in a rally in front of the Parliament called by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), which has been joined by the municipal entities Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia (FMC), Catalan Association of Municipalities and Regions and Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI), as well as the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR).

A group of protesters has managed to open the gate that surrounds the Parliament, which was closed with chains and guarded by members of the Mossos d’Esquadra riot forces, and has managed to approach the building that houses the Chamber shortly before the start of the extraordinary plenary session.

Concentration in front of the Parliament. Photo: EFE

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