Torra announces on January 29, 2020 that he will call elections in Catalonia



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“This legislature no longer has a political path,” said the president, who will set a date for the elections as soon as the Accounts are approved in Parliament, within two or three months.


Quim Roast

The President of the Generalitat, Quim Roast, announced this Wednesday that will call elections in Catalonia, Yes OK He has not set a date for the electionsas they will be carried out after the approval of the Budgets by 2020. Such approval is expected to materialize within two or three months, in March or April.

In an institutional statement delivered at the Palau de la Generalitat, Torra stressed that the Catalan legislature “already has no more political journey“, by lack of “loyalty” from ERC. Torra has blamed this last party after the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, a member of said formation, left it “in the open”, and has affirmed: “No government can function without unity, without a common and shared strategy, no loyalty between partners “.

The Government plans to approve this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. the budget project agreed with the commons; This project has, therefore, sufficient support to be approved by the Parliament, after a process that usually takes two months, even if its final approval will most likely have to wait another month, until the Council of Statutory Guarantees decides on the resources of the opposition.

“Permanent risk” for the Government

Torra has stressed that the loss of his seat, in addition to “unprotecting the institution of the Presidency”, puts “in permanent risk to the Government of Catalonia“, for which he has considered” essential “to give a” voice to the citizens “again to” renew the political mandate of December 21, 2017 “.

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“I want a country that respects a principle of radical democracy, where governments and parliaments work on the basis of majorities and trusts, and in which, when these are not available, it is the citizens who decide the new majorities and renewed trusts. “, he pointed out.

The president has maintained that he will call the elections “with an eye on what is best for the country.” The elections must serve to “redo the democratic mandate”, and they must allow to advance, “with the objective of culminating the mandate of 1-O, that is to say, independence, reuniting us all in unity”.

In addition to the approval of the Budgets, which has stated that “they have to help solve many social deficits”, Torra has been in favor of “exploring the real will of the Spanish Government for a real negotiation.”

A negotiation in which he hopes to address “the political conflict in our country in the face of the Spanish State’s refusal to fully exercise democracy and the right to self-determination.” It will have its first milestone in the meeting that Torra will hold with the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, on February 6.

Lack of ERC loyalty

For the Catalan president, ERC has not respected “the consensus of the independence movement” regarding his status as a deputy, a fact that Torra has seen as a lack of “loyalty” from those who are his government partners.

For this reason, Torra has indicated that it is time to “put the country and its needs above any partisan or personal interest” and to approve some Budgets that he has described as a “country project.”

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