Tom Ford speaks for the first time of the loss of her husband, Richard Buckley: “Sometimes I keep thinking: ‘I have to tell him this’ | People


Fashion designer Tom Ford has turned 60 this year, leaving behind a long professional career: he has been creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, has behind him two directed films whose actors were nominated for the Oscar and the Golden Globes and, As a more recent project, he has published the second edition of his best seller in November (called Tom Ford 002). His numerous works do not overshadow his role as a father, to which he is currently completely dedicated. It could be said that it has it all, but it lacks its main pillar. The loss last September of her husband, Richard Buckley, 72, has left a tremendous void from which it is difficult for her to recover. “It has been hard after 35 years together, very hard,” the American confessed in an interview for WSJ Magazine. “Sometimes I keep thinking, ‘Oh God, I have to call Richard,’ or ‘I need to write him a note telling him this.’ But he is no longer here ”, he lamented.

During the interview with the magazine Wall Street Journal, Ford has explained how he is adjusting to the new routine of his nine-year-old son, Jack. “Until recently, I had Richard to help me in the mornings. It’s been a bit tricky this last month, because he usually made her breakfast [a Jack] on school days, while I was getting dressed ”, he related. “But now I’ve gotten pretty good at multi-tasking,” he said, proud of his progress.

Director of Nocturnal animals has stated that, although it is a daily matter for any family, it is still “a challenge”: “It is a challenge to pick him up, dress him, prepare his lunch, breakfast, do all my things and then take him to school at 7.45 in the morning. But that also means that I am in my office already active and clear at 8.10, so I start the day well, “she concluded, assuming that, in the absence of her husband’s help, she has managed to adapt to the routine.

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It was at a 1986 parade that Ford and Buckley met, aged 25 and 38 respectively. According to the couturier, even then it fascinated him. But it wasn’t until 10 days later that their fate met at a fortuitous elevator crossing. It happened in the offices of Women’s Wear Daily, to which the designer went for a job assignment and where the journalist worked. In his own words, when the short drive was over, he knew that Buckley was the person he wanted to have his whole life by his side. Ford already told in a television interview in 2016 that it had been “literally love at first sight”, as the magazine reported People.

Ford, who currently works luxury at its best, was part of the Italian fashion company Gucci for four years (from 1999 to 2004). And in that position he has been played by American actor Reeve Carney in Ridley Scott’s recent big production, The Gucci house, where the important role it had for it in that period is reflected. And for this reason he could not contain himself when commenting on the film a few days ago: “I felt as if I had experienced a hurricane when I left the cinema. Was it a sham or a gripping story of greed? I often laughed out loud, but was I supposed to? ”Wrote the designer in the newspaper Air Mail, who confessed to having been part of the testimony contained in the book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Insanity, Glamor and Greed, written by author Sarah Gay Forden and on which the film is based.

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Although the designer praises the photography and the costumes used, he has not hesitated to express his opinion about the roles, which he considers far from reality. “As with most films based on a true story, the facts are altered, the characters are exaggerated, the timelines are warped, and in the end, who cares as long as these alterations make for a great movie?” , has expressed, comparing the production of Scott with the series Dynasty, but “with a bigger budget”.


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