Together for Catalonia criticizes Roger Torrent for going to Strasbourg




JxCAT believes that filing a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights may undermine Puigdemont’s defense strategy. ERC asks to end the reproaches to continue negotiating.

JxCAT has criticized the president of the Parliament today, Roger Torrent (ERC), for its “arbitrary and unilateral” decision to file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and has warned that this step may “collide” with Carles Puigdemont’s defense strategy.

The JxCAT deputies Eduard Pujol and Gemma Geis, in a press conference in the Parliament, have admitted that they have welcomed with “perplexity” the announcement of Torrent to go to Strasbourg, a feeling that they shared this morning in a conversation by videoconference with Carles Puigdemont.

Pujol has pointed out that the guarantees for the investiture of Puigdemont “do not have to go looking for them too far, neither in Strasbourg nor in any other place”, since they are “within reach” in the Parliament’s regulations: “What we have to to do is believe it and get going “, he has settled.

The JxCAT deputy spokesperson has questioned whether Torrent has decided to ask the ECHR to adopt precautionary measures to guarantee the rights that he considers that Puigdemont has to be elected president of the Generalitat “without commenting on it with the affected person”.

Thus, Pujol has expressed “perplexity” by the decision “unilateral and arbitrary” of Torrent, something that considers that it should not have been done in this way because “collides head-on with self-defense strategies” of Puigdemont himself.

“We would have felt more comfortable with more dialogue,” remarked Pujol, who has opined that if one day we have to go to Strasbourg it will be later and with a “great Catalan cause”, which should serve, in his opinion, to denounce the set of the “grievances” of the State.

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This line, the deputy Gemma Geis has stressed that Puigdemont works with “discretion” in a legal defense strategy and that any other parallel action must go “hand in hand”, to act in this way with the “maximum rigor”.

“It would have been better to consult with Puigdemont,” admitted Geis, who has not specifically asked Torrent to abandon his bet, but has called for a “fit” between the will of the President of Parliament to seek guarantees for the candidate for the investiture and defense strategy of the former Catalan president himself.

Geis has also said that they are “surprised” that Torrent has not included in the agenda of today’s meeting of the Table the proposal of modification of the Presidency law registered solo by JxCAT, but has trusted that it will be addressed in the next meeting.

ERC urges JxCAT to end the reproaches

For his part, the ERC spokesperson, Sergi Sabrià, has expressed “perplexity” by the criticism of JxCAT to the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, and has asked to end the “reproaches” among sovereignists in order to “resume” the negotiations with “the utmost rigor”.

Sabrià has admitted that they have been “perplexed” when listening to the criticisms of Torrent, when what the president of the Parliament has done is to “put into practice” a proposal that, as he has said, “part of JxCAT”.

The ERC spokesman has remarked that Torrent has decided to go to Strasbourg to try to achieve precautionary measures that favor the investiture of Puigdemont in response precisely to the written request that the former Catalan president did asking him for protection.

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And he has ensured that Torrent, before the official announcement, has communicated to the first vice president of the Parliament, Josep Costa (JxCAT), his willingness to go to the ECHR and that it has not opposed.

“It is not serious, it is not acceptable and it is not fair,” declared the Esquerra spokesman, who has urged JxCAT to “put an end to the dirty laundry, leave behind the reproaches and get to work”, not without emphasizing that ” nobody is more committed to this republic than ERC. “

He has indicated that, on the part of Esquerra, the crossing of reproaches will not affect the negotiation, which has asked “to resume today”, without clarifying whether there will be meetings already this afternoon with JxCAT for the sake of “discretion” and “maximum rigor” that he has requested from all parties.

Sabrià has insisted that work should be done on a “global agreement”, which includes the inauguration, an “effective” executive and a government plan for the legislature, points that he believes should be announced only when they are all closed.

The Republican has predicted that they will be able to find “compatible ways” between Torrent’s desire to guarantee through the ECHR Puigdemont’s right to be elected president of the Generalitat and his legal defense, since, he stressed, “we all seek the same goal “.

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