Toddler, 3, shares uncanny resemblance to Boris Johnson over uncontrollable hair

Mum Aimee Ponsford said Kohen Jax, 3, is called Boris by his siblings and their friends due to his resemblance to the prime minister and thinks the tot might have Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Kohen Jax’s siblings call him Boris

A toddler’s siblings call him Boris due to his barnet giving him an uncanny likeness to the Prime Minister.

Kohen Jax’s unruly fuzzy blonde locks cause him to be ribbed by his older siblings for looking like Boris Johnson.

And the three-year-old has only ever had one haircut due to barbers refusing to cut his hair.

His mum, Aimee Ponsford, is convinced her boy has Uncombable Hair Syndrome – a condition which causes the tot to have frizzy, dry and fluffy hair.

His siblings, Crayson, 6, and Harlie, 10, called him ‘Boris’ due to his similarity with the Tory leader.

Aimee, 29, said: “All of his siblings call him Boris, and when we’re on the school run their friends call him that too.

Mum Aimee Ponsford is convinced Kohen Jax has Uncombable Hair Syndrome



Barbers say they have never seen anything like it and have refused to cut their hair



“He was bald until he was about one, and then he started growing these little white strands like fluff.

“His hair really isn’t very dense, it looks full and thick because of how it stands up but it’s not. Since then it’s just grown into more craziness!”

But Aimee, a director of a cleaning company, has a different comparison for her son’s hair and says it is more like candy floss.

“It’s really soft and really fine,” said the mum, from Fareham in Hampshire.

She added: “It comes out very easily so if you run your fingers through it, it comes out.

“It’s like spun sugar that’s the best way I can describe it.”

Kohen Jax has only ever had one haircut



Barbers have also been left baffled by the tot’s mane and have refused to chop it off, said Aimee, with Kohen Jax being turned away from three different hairdressers.

“He’s only had one haircut in his life, and it was a friend of mine that just took a tiny bit off the top,” she said.

“Whenever we’ve been to a barbers they’ve all said they won’t touch his hair.

“They’ve never seen anything like it before so they don’t want to even try cutting it.”

Passersby also make comments about Kohen Jax’s hair and the mum said some have asked if they can touch it.

Mum Aimee said he was bald for the first 12 months of his life



“Usually I just overhear someone saying ‘wow look at his hair’ or something like that, and I know they’re talking about him. Obviously, everyone usually wants to touch it, and I’m usually happy to let them if he is .

“People are always surprised by how soft it is, they think it will be really coarse and wiry, but it isn’t.”

Although the family are yet to get an official diagnosis, Aimee is confident he has Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson



She said: “This wasn’t something our doctor mentioned, it was just my mother-in-law Googled his hair and it came up.

“All the symptoms they described matched his hair exactly, so I’m confident that that’s what it is.

“I’m in a Facebook group for the condition, and I’ve learned from that that it’s quite difficult to get an official diagnosis.

“You need to send bloods and a hair sample off to Germany I believe because they do more research into it than in the UK.”

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