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More and more roads and mountain passes are affected by the ice and snow storm that affects the northern half of the country since this Tuesday. So much so that, to avoid possible road accidents in the coming days, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has asked citizens who are enjoying the bridge in towns that are in the northern half of Spain to advance the return to their places of origin and do not wait for Wednesday to hit the road.

However, there are those who will not be able to delay or advance their departure for different reasons. All these people who have to travel from this Wednesday are recommended to check the state of the road before leaving. Also that they equip winter tires in their car as far as possible and that they follow other tips such as reducing speed, increasing the distance from other vehicles on the road and putting low beams if they drive with snow.

Do not forget the chains: these are the steps to follow to put them in your car

How could it be otherwise, the authorities also insist on the need to wear chains to be able to get out of trouble in difficult situations. Do you know how to put them? Everything will depend on the model of chains that you have bought for your car. If you are one of those who uses nylon covers, you will only have to place the cover as if you were putting a coat on the tire. After the fabric is perfectly attached to the tread, you will need to release the parking brake and advance your vehicle a few inches so that the wheel steps on the cover.

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If you use traditional chains, the process to install them will be somewhat more complex. First, extend the chain on the drive wheel. If your car is front-wheel drive, the chains must be placed on the front wheels. If, on the other hand, it is rear-wheel drive, then they must go on the rear tire because they will need the power of the engine to be able to move forward.

How to install the chains in your car

To extend the chain over the driving wheel we will have to pass it through the inside of the wheel. Once this is done, we will lift the chain by the ends to the top of the tire. Then it will be time to join the ends of the chain. We will first check that the chain has been well extended and centered on the tire and, when we have verified this, we will join the two colored fastening rings, always closing the chain from the outside.

Finally, it is time to place the tensioner. When we have joined each of the ends, we pass the colored chain through the tensioning support. Then we will have to stretch them and hook it to either end to guarantee the hold. When you have completed the action, remove the safety triangle and return to the vehicle as soon as possible to start driving again. With the aim of reaching more people, the Civil Guard has shared a second tweet in which it is seen how an agent puts the chains step by step. Thanks to this, you can circulate without any problem on any surface.

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