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After the snowstorm, we suggest moving to a town where the sun never rises. It is where it has set Laura Fernandez his new novel, Mrs. Potter is not exactly Santa Claus. OROne of the most original proposals of this 2021, full of pop references, popular culture, Christmas, science fiction and a look at motherhood.

From the snow of Mrs. Potter is not exactly Santa Claus we’re going to another christmas icon: Mariah Carey. The singer has a Christmas special on one of the most modern platforms, Apple TV. As a good diva, she presented her special at an online press conference, arriving four hours late, promoting her songs and her show that each year is placed on the most listened to lists.

Outside of Christmas, we are still fully involved in the evolution of performing arts festivals. The playwright Pablo Messiez has presented his new production at the Autumn Festival, Dance body. In it the place occupied by the spoken word gives way to the movement. The piece is born from the four Quartets by Eliot and the music of Beethoven and is built thanks to four dancers, four performers who think the scene from their own body.

During the week of police charges in Cádiz, where the debate on police violence has been reopened, the Autumn Festival premieres a show that has a lot to say about it. Romeo Castelluci, one of the most prominent names in European theater, has presented in Madrid. Bros is a play that takes 30 policemen on stage to reflect on violence.

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Accents begin to sound unapologetic in Spanish cinema. Chema García Ibarra from Elche displays an imaginative torrent in Holy spirit, a bizarre film, with a lot of social criticism shot in Elche, with the neighbors of this Alicante city. There are paranormal phenomena, apparatuses, disappearances and manipulation. Chema García Ibarra defends creative freedom, the need to distinguish himself in the audiovisual industry, which is increasingly uniformed. That is precisely what has always distinguished another film director, Víctor Erice.

A contemporary of Saura or Cecilia Bartolomé, Erice is one of the greats in the history of cinema, who has signed three of the women’s films: The Spirit of the Beehive, The South and the Quince Sun. Then he went to video art. Made Stone and Sky, a video installation on Jorge Oteiza’s sculpture. Now he has reflected his reflections on that in an essay, while he talks about how the culture industry is doing. “Everything I have done after that year is forgotten, that there have been quite a few things that have circulated in places that are not typical of the film industry. The problem is not producing films, but where they are projected and in recent years I have done work , but unknown “, said the filmmaker.

Elizabeth Duval she is one of the analysts and intellectuals of our time. With only twenty years, he dissects in his essays and from journalism the problems of today’s Spain. Just published Madrid will be the grave, a new installment of the National Episodes published by Lengua de Trapo, narrates the rise of an extreme right-wing organization and the prohibited sexual desire of one of its leaders.

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