Thousands of women take to the streets of the US to defend abortion

Thousands of women have taken to the streets of the main cities of the United States this Saturday to demonstrate in favor of legal abortion throughout the country, given the possibility that the Supreme Court will soon knock down the constitutional protection of this right.

All eyes are on the highest judicial instance since a draft sentence was leaked two weeks ago in which the conservative majority of the court is inclined to suppress the ‘Roe versus Wade’, as the jurisprudence that since 1973 protects the abortion across the country.

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“It would be devastating and terrible if the text is approved”said Gabriela Benazar, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, one of the organizations that organized the protests.

One of the largest protests has taken place in New York

Under the slogan “Bans off our bodies”, more than 430 demonstrations, rallies and activities have been called throughout the country.

One of the largest has been recorded in New York, where thousands of people, mostly women, have crossed the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to flow into Foley Square.

Isabel Gadd has accompanied her grandmother Irna, 74, who would never have imagined that the right to abortion could be in danger. “I have been very naive and now I am heartbroken,” she has said.

In the capital, the march has concentrated thousands of people who have left the obelisk of Washington in the direction of the headquarters of the Supreme Court, the focus of several protests in recent weeks.

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“I have no respect for the members of the Supreme Court, they are like the Taliban”said Gloria Black, a resident of the area who went to the scene because she believes that judges should not “dictate on morality.”

Other women have carried banners with messages such as “Get your hands off my body”, “Motherhood is a choice, not a decision of the State” or “Abortion is a human right”.

Thousands of kilometers away, on the west coast of the United States, the square of the City Hall of Los Angeles (California) has been packed by some 5,000 people who shouted almost in unison “My body, my decision.”

“We take to the streets because women will be in danger if we are prohibited from having legal abortions and we will not remain silent,” said the founder of the Women’s March Foundation, Emiliana Guereca.

Several states would ban it

If the court’s conservative majority – six of the nine justices- knocked down ‘Roe v. Wade’, abortion would not be prohibited in the country, but states would have free rein to veto it.

Planned Parenthood estimates that 26 states governed by Republicanssuch as Texas, Arizona, Missouri, or Georgia, would restrict or suppress it.

By contrast, no changes are expected in progressive states like California, New York or New Jersey.

Gabriela Benazar, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, has warned that this would “very disproportionately” affect women from black, Latino, migrant or low-income communities who would not be able to travel to other states to have an abortion.

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In addition, he has considered that the draft of the Supreme Court “represents not only a threat to the right to abortion in the United States, but possibly to other rights”, such as those of the LGBT community.

Central issue of the November mid-term election campaign

“Women’s rights are under attack,” US Vice President Kamala Harris said on Twitter on Thursday.

The issue is already the central theme of the campaign for the mid-term elections in November, in which the Democrats fear losing their majority in both houses of Congress.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, made a call days ago to vote for congressmen and senators who are in favor of access to abortion, a right that he called “fundamental”.

To show their support for abortion, Democrats brought to the Senate on Wednesday a bill in favor of the termination of pregnancy throughout the country, a symbolic initiative that was destined to fail since they do not have the 60 votes necessary to force the discussion.

An 54% of Americans believe that the Supreme Court should maintain protection of abortion, according to a survey by the newspaper Washington Post and the ABC chain.

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