Thousands of Valencians cry out for “fair financing” in three unitary demonstrations | Valencian Community


“A people united by a fair financing”, motto of the demonstration held this Saturday in Valencia.Jorge Gil – Europa Press (Europa Press)

A few thousand Valencians have taken to the streets of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón this Saturday afternoon to demand “fair financing”, the motto that has been repeated the most and that led the three marches. In an unusual initiative, all the parties with parliamentary representation except Vox, and the main business and union representatives have marched together to demand a change in the current autonomous financing system, expired in 2014, which keeps the Valencian Community in the queue in the distribution of funds. With the current model, each Valencian receives 215 euros less than the Spanish average and 703 less than the best-financed autonomy, Cantabria, according to data from the Foundation for Applied Economics Studies (Fedea), a benchmark entity in the analysis of the autonomous system of financing.

The persistent rain until a few hours before the demonstrations has reduced the influx, according to various organizers, to the largest march, which has passed through the streets of Valencia. The organization has not given an official number of attendees, although a global estimate by some organizers and protesters placed it between 5,000 and 6,000 between the three marches. “The most important thing is that we all demonstrate together, in a unitary way,” commented José Vicente Morata, president of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

The Valencian PP has joined the call to request a new model from the Government chaired by the socialist Pedro Sánchez, unlike the massive demonstrations of 2017, which brought together some tens of thousands of people, in which it did not participate. Then, the president of the Government was the popular Mariano Rajoy.

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The Valencian president, the socialist Ximo Puig, has assured in Valencia that the protest “is not against anyone or against the Government”, but “to make the Valencian problem visible and call for a new model just after years of” vindication “and” persistence ”. The Valencian vice president, Mónica Oltra, from Compromís, has stressed that the reform is a “mandate that Congress has made to the Government” and that the pacts are to be fulfilled. The president of the Valencian PP, Carlos Mazón, has advocated “putting the Valencian Community above partisan reflection” to “demand” that autonomy “stop being in the queue.”

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig (center), at the Valencia demonstration calling for a new regional financing system.
The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig (center), at the Valencia demonstration calling for a new regional financing system.Jorge Gil (Europa Press)

“We do not want to be more than the others, but neither less,” says the UGT union member, Pilar Tarragón. A few meters ahead several businessmen walked: “We are underfunded and the Valencians have an income per capita lower than the Spanish average ”, one lamented. “No government has fixed our situation,” noted another.

The demonstrations have been called by the Platform Per un Finançament Just, made up of political parties, employers and unions. The march also emphasized the Government’s commitment to soon present a proposal for an adjusted population calculation to begin work with all the autonomies to try to reach an agreement. The Valencian Community demands that the total population be taken into account as a key parameter in the distribution of funds and the cancellation of debt due to under-financing.

The claim to change the financing model has managed to convene a triple unitary demonstration. It has been assumed by the main parties, except for Vox, as a matter of state in the Valencian Community that has a direct impact on citizens, in all the services provided by the Generalitat. However, a recent barometer from the Generalitat reveals that citizens do not mention regional financing as one of the main problems in the Valencian Community. They place it in 30th place, far from the first concerns: unemployment, health, the economic situation and the covid pandemic.


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