Thousands of people wait to be evacuated as attacks continue in the south

Thousands of people wait at the border Ukraine to be evacuated eleven days after the invasion of Russia. Russian troops continue their offensive in the south, with the aim of taking over the port of Odessa, and attacks in the regions of the main cities such as Kyiv, the capital, and Kharkiv.

The city of Mariupol, southeast of Ukraine, has announced a second attempt to evacuate civilians during a temporary ceasefire from 12 noon (11 hours in Spain). At the moment, Russia has not confirmed this information.

Mariupol fears a “humanitarian catastrophe”

The agreement to open humanitarian corridors was not fulfilled this Saturday by the persistence of fighting and bombs on the route, violations of the ceasefire that Ukraine blames on Russia, and vice versa.

Thus, the inhabitants of Mariúpol have been trapped in the neighborhood shelters for five days without electricity, heating or water, under the bombs and the low temperatures, for which the city council fears a “humanitarian catastrophe”.

Mariupol is the last city under Ukrainian control with outlet to the Sea of ​​Azov and a strategic objective for Moscow, which is trying to conquer an entire strip from the Black Sea coast (with the port of Odessa as a key piece) to the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk.

In this way, the Russian Army would control all access routes to the south, whether by sea (Black Sea and Azov) or by land, through the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014.

Fighting on all fronts

On the southern front, Russia has yet to consolidate its positions around Kherson, conquered three days ago. But in the province there are still pockets of resistance. In the city, unarmed civilians came out this Saturday to protest the invasion and stand in the way of the armored vehicles.

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in the neighbor Mykolayiv, the Ukrainians are also resisting, according to TVE’s special envoy, Oscar Mijallo. This Friday they were about to lose the city, but they managed to reorganize and expel the Russian army. Some sources say that Ukraine has retaken the airfield in the counteroffensive.

In the northwest, Russia claims this Sunday to have destroyed the Staroskosiantyniv military air base, with long-range high-precision weapons.

Ucranianos desplazados descansan en el Monasterio Resurrección Nuevo Athos en la ciudad ucraniana occidental de Lviv.

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El Secretario de Estado de EE. UU., Antony Blinken, se reúne con la primera ministra moldava, Natalia Gavrilita, en la Casa de Gobierno de Chisinau, Moldavia.

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Manifestantes sostienen carteles durante una protesta contra la guerra en Ucrania en el Ayuntamiento de Sídney, en Australia,

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Las tropas rusas entraron en Ucrania el 24 de febrero, lo que provocó un éxodo masivo de ucranianos a los países vecinos como así como desplazamientos internos. (Rusia, Ucrania)

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n”,”imgRatio”:1.3307692307692307,”seo”:”tanque-destruido-ciudad-makariv”,”alt”:”Aftermath of fighting in Makariv, Ukraine”,”title”:”Un tanque destruido en la ciudad de Makariv”,”sign”:”EFE/EPA/STR”,”source”:”EFE”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Un tanque destruido en la ciudad de Makariv”,”encodedTitle”:”Un%20tanque%20destruido%20en%20la%20ciudad%20de%20Makariv”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507636141.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507636141.jpg”},”description”:”

Una mujer llora mientras consuela a su hijo después de saber que tiene que dejar un autobús que estaba reservado para la evacuación de los huérfanos que huyen de la invasión rusa en curso fuera de la estación principal de tren en Lviv.

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5558148580318942,”seo”:”rusia-ucrania-acordaron-abrir-corredores-humanitarios-segunda-ronda-negociaciones”,”alt”:”Refugees fleeing the Russian invasion wait for transit in Lviv”,”title”:”Rusia y Ucrania acordaron abrir corredores humanitarios en la segunda ronda de negociaciones “,”sign”:”KP/”,”source”:”REUTERS”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”Rusia y Ucrania acordaron abrir corredores humanitarios en la segunda ronda de negociaciones “,”encodedTitle”:”Rusia%20y%20Ucrania%20acordaron%20abrir%20corredores%20humanitarios%20en%20la%20segunda%20ronda%20de%20negociaciones%20″,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}},{“imageFull”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507672925.jpg”},”imageMin”:{“url”:””,”orientation”:”horizontal”,”file”:”1646507672925.jpg”},”description”:”

Una niña mira por la ventana mientras espera dentro de un tren que lleva refugiados a Polonia en la estación de tren de Lviv

n”,”imgRatio”:1.5248027057497182,”seo”:”conflicto-suma-13-millones-refugiados-segun-ultimo-balance-naciones-unidas”,”alt”:” “,”title”:”El conflicto suma 1,3 millones de refugiados, según el último balance de Naciones Unidas”,”sign”:”AFP”,”source”:”AFP”,”date”:”06.03.2022″,”url”:””,”stats”:{“title”:”El conflicto suma 1,3 millones de refugiados, según el último balance de Naciones Unidas”,”encodedTitle”:”El%20conflicto%20suma%201%2C3%20millones%20de%20refugiados%2C%20seg%C3%BAn%20el%20%C3%BAltimo%20balance%20de%20Naciones%20Unidas”,”url”:””,”via”:”rtve”}}]” data-img_server=””>

    Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes

    Displaced Ukrainians rest at the New Athos Resurrection Monastery in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.


    Blinken visits Moldova

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken meets with Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita at Government House in Chisinau, Moldova.


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