those of reunion and celebration

It had been known for a long time that the Goya Awards 2022 they would be “those of the reunion” and that the award ceremony, held in Valencia, would come to compensate all professionals in the film industry who a year ago experienced the least festive gala in history, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID. There was a great desire to party, physical contact and to walk the emotions on a red carpet that has regained its color and has allowed “pamper” Spanish cinema.

“I’m here to meet up with the team again,” the filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa was already advancing, making it clear that he really wanted to hug his family. He also claimed that “Being the favorite is fatal”, because “anything can happen”, but it was a matter of hours before what everyone else, except him, almost took for granted was confirmed: that the good boss would end up ruling the gala.

León de Aranoa and Bardem, those who did not believe it until the end

“We are very happy, there were 20 nominations, but what does that matter. There have been six awards“, said León de Aranoa, who told that, despite the fact that his victory was somewhat announced, he did not believe it “until the end”.

Too Javier Bardem He started out as the great favorite for the Goya for best actor and refused to show himself the winner because this award thing, he says, “is a lottery.” “I could name other galas where the favorite does not win and people are left with their eyes wide open,” said the interpreter, who this year is also nominated for the Oscars along with his wife, actress Penelope Cruz, and who has not been left wanting to pick up the sixth bobblehead.

“I am grateful and excited”Bardem has admitted, which makes it clear that there will always be room in his house for “Mr. Goya”. With that figure in hand and together with León de Aranoa, he has continued to emphasize how much the award means for the team and has merged into a big hug with the filmmaker, with whom he has been joking at all times.

Hours earlier, upon arriving at his meeting with the media on the red carpet, the protagonist of the good boss He said that he had brought his mother’s ring, Pilar Bardem, to keep her in mind, although he always carries it “in every molecule of his body”. “She wore many rings, many, and many pendants throughout her life. We have distributed it among all the brothers and this is the one that fits me in this big finger,” she said, showing the ring that she has worn on her little finger .

The week he has lived, with the Goyas and with the Oscar nominations, is “to write it in the heart and remember it for when one is many years old”. What’s more, “it is special to share it with the woman you love”, he said in reference to Cruz, also nominated for an Oscar.

Javier Gutiérrez, who was a candidate for the statuette of best leading actor, already saw Javier Bardem as the clear winner in his category and said it openly: “It’s practically sung”. He has been left with a “thorn” due to the fact that the film in which he stars, The daughterhas not been nominated for best film, but has been “happy” to have been able to defend it tonight.

The one who has also forcefully defended the film in which she has participated is Blanca Portillo. In her case, maixabel. “Honestly, I did not expect it. He has made me enormously happy. It makes me much more excited for the movie that it is, for what counts and for the character. I feel very rewarded with life”, says the actress, who has collected her first Goya. “As I have never been in a hurry for almost anything, what has to arrive will arrive and when it arrives well. And if not, nothing happens “, she has said in reference to that debut of hers.

The actress Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, posing in the Glam Bot of RTVE.

A red carpet full of hugs

What has moved Portillo a lot is meeting so many people he loves. “It gives a lot of happiness to be with people again, to enjoy things without a feeling of competition but of love, affection, respect, that fills me with love, with illusion. Look how it was last year, so complicated. It was like meeting your friends from school“, has underlined

Along the same lines, Penélope Cruz expressed herself, who was also competing for the award for best actress for her role in Parallel Mothersbut that has remained at the gates.

“I’m happy to be able to hug colleagues and friends whom you haven’t seen for a long time”, said Penelope Cruz, nominated for best actress for “Madres Paralelas”, on several occasions. “Here you always find so many friends that it has been difficult to see in the last two years…”

And his hugs with Milena Smit or with other beloved actors are not the only ones that have been seen on the carpet. There have been many guests and nominees have repeated similar scenes over and over again on the red cloth. One of the most spontaneous, this year’s Goya of Honor – José Sacristán- and its predecessor in 2021 -Ángela Molina-.

The heartfelt hug of José Sacristán and Ángela Molina when they saw each other on the red carpet.

The festive atmosphere has permeated the entire ceremony, from the beginning to the end and, as many have mentioned, the experience has contrasted enormously with what was experienced a year ago. This time even the laureates they were able to toast with champagne during the family photo. As the actress Goya Toledo already underlined, this year “there was a desire for a gala”.

Claims and a memory to Verónica Forqué

Another tradition, such as that of the toast, that has been taken up again is that of the claims on the red carpet and the pleas in defense of cinema. “Festivals and award ceremonies have become much more important than ever to make visible this work in which all of us here are included and which is going through very difficult times, almost twilight”, stressed, for his part, the filmmaker Pedro Almodovar.

What Penélope Cruz has asked for Spanish cinema is “Lots of love and lots of support.which sometimes does not have them (…) We all have to pamper our cinema”while Portillo, for his part, has made reference to the fact that the four nominees for best actress are women over 40 years of age and asks that this be repeated more in the future: “It is over to think that at 40 the world ends” .

The actor Luis Zahera has taken the opportunity to request other changes that he sees as necessary in the industry: “There is work, there is abundance. Those of us in the cinema, those of us who do television, always work the same. Let’s see if we open the market a littlethat we are always the same”.

Along with the party and the vindication, the memory of those who are no longer there has stood out on the carpet. The actress Macarena Gómez and her husband Aldo Comas have made a nice tribute to Verónica Forqué. Comas has posed with a red tuxedo by Juan Avellaneda in which he put: “Veronica was light, not the darkness that took her.” In addition, on the back of the jacket could be read: “Eternal and magical Veronica”.

On the other hand, those in charge of receiving the stars, once they accessed Les Arts, have been young people with Down syndrome. They have accompanied them along the outside red carpet (where a giant bust of Goya has been installed) until they reached the point where the media were.

Crowds of fans at the entrances to the Palau de Les Arts

The Goya 2022 have not only been the ones for the reunion between professionals from the film industry but also for the return to contact with the public during the gala and with fans around the first stretch of the red carpet. In fact, dozens of people have queued since the very first hour of this Saturday at some of the entrances to the Palau de Les Arts. The objective was to reach the fences that surround the red carpet outside and it was not an easy task because, due to the avalanche of people, the police have prevented entry.

According to what they have said, there have even been some discussions and people crying for not having been able to reach the desired point after so many hours of waiting. Among those who were in the front row, many young people who were waiting to greet C. Tangana, who has sung at the gala.

The reward for fans or onlookers who have been patient and have finally made it to the red carpet has been to be photographed with some of the nominees or guests. One of the most affectionate has been Bardem, who has done some selfie with those who were crying out for it.

Javier Bardem has stopped to greet some fans and has agreed to take some ‘selfies’.

Valencia has also embraced this long-awaited appointment

This has been just a sample of the enthusiasm that some film awards have aroused in Valencia that have started, how could it be otherwise, with a kind of mascletá that has made the Palau de Les Arts resound and has filled the sky with fireworks.

In other parts of the city they had already been celebrating the event for days and in multiple ways: exhibitions, concerts, projections or photocall. This Friday, in addition, Berlanga and Sacristán were honored with a series of images that were projected on the facade of the City Hall. Replicas of the bobbleheads made by Fallas artists have also been installed in some streets of the city and some restaurants have even offered “cinema menus”.

There is no doubt that the city of the Turia has enjoyed being the host of these awards and that it is culminating in the best way the Berlanga year.

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