Thomas Tuchel pledges future to Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel has pledged his future to Chelsea and revealed that Petr Cech has addressed the staff and players about Roman Abramovich’s decision to sell the club.

The head coach described Chelsea as a “perfect fit” for him and he wanted to stay at the club and in the Premier League no matter who the owner is. “I have the opposite of a problem staying here,” Tuchel said.

“I have said many times that I love working in the Premier League, to have the chance to be in England and feel the tradition and the love for sport in general and football in particular. It’s an amazing place for me. Chelsea is from my point of view, for me, the perfect fit. I love to be here. I love everything about the club and hopefully it continues.

“There is now uncertainty, but isn’t it always as a football manager? I am used to living with it of course on different levels and this is quite the level, I have to be honest, but I am positive and hope things will end well.”

Cech, Chelsea’s technical and performance adviser, spoke to staff at a mass meeting at the club’s training ground on Thursday, the day after Abramovich’s announcement and the FA Cup win over Luton Town.

“We had a briefing here the day after the match from Petr who gave everyone here in the building, not only the players, a quick brief and explained the situation,” Tuchel added.

“Not too much that we did not already know so we have to live in this situation. It does not make sense to worry too much because we don’t have a lot of influence. It was not only the team but the complete staff and this is what we try to do anyway, to create an atmosphere where you feel safe once you enter the building.”

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Asked whether Cech could give any reassurance as to what will happen next, Tuchel said: “No assurances. How could he? How could he anybody? We cannot predict the future. Nobody can. It was just more the bottom line that we owe ourselves to keep on going. We are employees and we are right now very privileged and that was more or less the message.”

Tuchel, who described Abramovich as a “very passionate owner”, said he would not comment on “speculation” as to what the future holds and explained why Cech, rather than Abramovich’s key director Marina Granovskaia, had spoken to staff.

“Marina is ill at the moment so otherwise she would have been here,” he said. “There’s no doubt that she would have briefed everybody. There’s no doubt that this will continue for the next days, weeks, months, I don’t know what time. I hope it stays on the same level with the same person.”

Tuchel added of the atmosphere around the club: “Of course there is uncertainty and of course, like with all humans, there are almost 100 people in the building (at Cobham). Everyone will feel different about this. Some will feel fear, some will be excited, some will be sad. I think everything is allowed but we should allow ourselves to focus on what we love the most, this is football. What makes me very positive is that we did twice in these circumstances against Liverpool and Luton Town. Very focused performances.”

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