This is how the reduction in gasoline will be applied from this Friday

Every liter of gasoline or diesel that is refueled from this Friday at Spanish gas stations will have a bonus of 20 cents. This is one of the measures included in the shock plan that the Government has approved with the aim of mitigating the economic consequences of the war.

Precisely the war has aggravated a situation that dates back to the end of January, when the fuel price record that had been in force for more than nine years, since September 2012, was broken. Already in March, coinciding with the Russian invasion, the price skyrocketed and exceeded the historical barrier of 1.8 euros per liter. In fact, this week, for the first time, diesel has surpassed gasoline by 95: 1,837 euros per liter compared to 1,818 euros, respectively. These are the keys to the discount:

How will fuel prices be?

Taking into account the data updated this Thursday by the Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU), by directly applying those 20 cents of reduction, diesel would cost 1,637 euros per liter half and unleaded gasoline 95, 1,618 euros on average in Spain. However, everything will depend on the price from which each gasoline starts, although it will undoubtedly help fuels to move away from the 2 euros/liter of recent weeks.

Until when will it apply?

The measure, which begins this Friday, will last for three months. Until June 30, consumers will be able to enjoy the bonus of 20 cents per liter. The Government has indicated that the package of measures in response to the war could be extended beyond that date if necessary.

How does the bonus work?

Users will not have to request any type of procedure to access the fuel discount: the discount will already be applied to the price. However, the discount will not be visible in the price panel, but rather will occur at the time of payment.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) indicates that gas stations will have to refer to the bonus by making appear in the documents issued -in the tickets- “the amount of the operation, distinguishing the price before applying the discount and after applying the bonus, as well as the amount of the applied bonus”. To do this, the gas stations will have a period of 15 days to make this reference mandatory, although those gas stations that have difficulty changing their computer system on time may announce the discounts “in visible places”, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús, has pointed out. Huntsman.

How much savings does it entail?

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the measure will mean for an average home a saving of 65 euros in the case of diesel and 75 euros in the case of gasoline for the next three months as a whole.

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What fuels does it affect?

The bonus announced by the Government will apply to all types of gasoline, diesel and gas. Bioethanol, Biodiesel and the special additive AdBlue, which are used by many light and heavy diesel vehicles, will also see that 20-cent bonus applied.

Who benefits?

to all drivers. Although the proposal was initially limited to the transport sector, the Government has decided to extend the discount to the entire population.

Who will pay the bonus?

The bonus will be taken by the State and by the oil companies, although not in equal parts: the first will assume 15 cents and the second, a minimum of 5 cents. That minimum opens the possibility for gas stations to offer greater discounts.

The BOE indicates that the obligation to provide this supplement of 5 cents will only be for those “with refining capacity in Spain and a annual turnover of more than 750 million euros”. This is the case of only three of them: Repsol, Cepsa and BP, which together represent 48% of the gas stations in the country. Precisely these companies have already advanced with offers if the client adheres to their loyalty programs and manages the operations with their mobile applications.

How much will the measure cost?

The technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) calculate that the fuel reduction between April and June for all citizens will have a cost for the State of 1,420 million euros and 473.63 million for the oil companies.

And the gas stations should anticipate the discount?

No, it will be the Government who does it. The service stations will be able to request an advance of the part of the fuel reduction paid by the State, which can be requested from this Friday through an online form on the website of the Tax Agency. In it, the gas stations will only have to fill in the identification data and a bank account number in which the advance must be paid. To present the form, authentication with the Clave system or electronic certificate is required.

From the Spanish Confederation of Service Station Employers (CEEES) come “unfeasible” to anticipate the bonus of 20 cents of the fuel, because the sector is “very atomized”. “Of the 11,500 service stations that exist, 70% are owned by SMEs or micro-SMEs”, detailed the general director of CEEES, Nacho Rabadán, “and within that 70% we have up to 3,800 self-employed workers”, he explained.

And will gas stations charge it?

Once the applications are received, next week The payments by the Agency will begin, the Government confirmed this Thursday. These advances on account may be requested for the maximum amount of the bonus that would correspond to 90% of the average monthly volume of the products included in the objective scope of the bonus that the service station has sold in 2021, according to what was reported. to the census of companies that make direct sales to final consumers. The amount of the advance, as established in the Royal Decree-law, may not exceed two million eurosnor less than 1,000 euros.

Will it be controlled that gas stations do not raise prices?

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda is in contact with the fuel distributors so that there are no increases in fuels, its head, Raquel Sánchez, affirmed this Thursday, after it has been denounced that some service stations are taking advantage of to raise the price before the discount of 20 cents that they have to apply to customers starting this Friday.

To questions from journalists, Sánchez pointed out that the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) ensures that there are no increases in fuel. Likewise, the Government has foreseen in the Royal Decree-law a complaint mailbox so that “those who have some type of incident regarding refueling can also communicate it so that the Administration is aware of it and can start it up at as soon as possible”, added Montero.

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