This is how the commissions for the masks were spent

In March 2020, at the worst moment of the pandemic in Spain, businessmen Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño obtained six million dollars in commissions from the sale of masks, gloves and tests to the Madrid City Council, according to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. In the complaint, Anticorruption abounds in the details about what the two commissioners did with the money they earned from the sale of “low quality” material and tests of “dubious effectiveness.”

We review the main purchases made by Medina and Luceño thanks to the “exaggerated and unjustified economic benefit” obtained, according to the letter of the Prosecutor’s Office. Among them, there are hotel stays at 10,000 euros a night, sports cars or gold watches.

Luceño: a million-euro house and 12 luxury cars

Alberto Luceño is a friend of Luis Medina, who was the first to contact the Madrid City Council thanks to “his friendship” with the cousin of the mayor of Madrid, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. From that moment, Luceño was the one who negotiated with the town hall the sale of the material as “exclusive agent” of a Malaysian company that would be in charge of the purchase.

This businessman, who appears in the file of the Punic plot, as Infolibre advanced, took the main part of the loot: 5.1 million euros of the total of six million they obtained. with that money, bought a house in Pozuelo de Alarcón with three parking spaces with a price of 1,107,400 euros.

Payment 60,000 euros for a stay in a luxury hotel in Marbella between August 10 and 16, 2020, at a rate of 10,000 euros per night. Also bought three Rolex watches: one of steel for 6,550 euros, one of gold for 26,000 euros and one of steel and gold for 9,900 euros.

The main outlay, however, went to luxury cars. Luceño was bought at first seven vehicles worth one million euros in total: an Aston Martin DB11 for €160,000, a Ferrari 812 Superfast for €355,000, a Mercedes AMG GT 63S for €149,999, a Mercedes SCL 300 for €54,500, a Range Rover Sport for €102,000, a KTM X BOW for €91,800 and a BMW I8 Roadster for 121,000 euros. He invoiced all these expenses to a company of which he was the administrator and sole shareholder and to which he charged the collection of the commissions received, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Later, he bought other five high-end vehicles: a Porsche Panamera for 153,000 euros, a Laborghini Huracan Evo Spider for 299,999 euros, a McLaren 720S for 250,000 euros and a Mercedes A 200 AMG for 32,500 euros. To pay for these vehicles, Luceño gave the seller some of the vehicles that he had previously purchased: the Aston Martin, the Mercedes AMG and the BMW, as well as an Audi that he had previously purchased. In total, this second batch cost 1,028,499 euros.

Medina: a yacht called “Feria” and bank bonds

Luis Medina is a regular in the pink press. The son of Naty Abascal and the previous Duke of Feria, Rafael Medina, took advantage of “his status as a well-known character in public life” and his aforementioned friendship with Almeida’s cousin to offer the City Council the sale of masks, gloves and tests.

He took a smaller slice than Luceño: one million dollars, which he received from the bank in Malaysia where the funds had arrived and which he soon transferred to his personal account. With that money he bought a Eagle 44 model yacht, called “Feria” and registered in Gibraltar.

He paid for him 325,515 euros and he registered it in the name of the Gibraltarian company of which he and Rafael Medina, his older brother Rafael Medina, current Duke of Feria, are partners. Luis Medina has clarified in an interview in The confidential that he and his brother bought the boat “has nothing to do with it”.

also paid €200,000 for the Deutsche Bank Global Dividend 10-50 bond and another 200,000 euros for the Phoenix MSCI World bond, of the same bank.

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