This is a day on the front line with the Ukrainian troops defending Zaporizhia

The roads leading to the front line in ZaporizhiaUkraine, are dotted with military checkpoints, barricades and Czech hedgehogs to block the way to the Russians.

A little later, the soldiers watch from the trenches for any strange movement. “I don’t want my sisters to pick flowers, not shrapnel,” Sasha tells TVE, who assures that she enlisted in the army to protect them.

Further on, near the front, you have to leave the cars and continue on foot. Just a few days ago Russia launched a powerful attack in the region and that affected the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, on the banks of the Dnieper River, and unleashed global alarm.

Now, on the front lines, they are registering combats and it is not known who dominates it. “I can’t see if it’s one of ours,” says the guide soldier who leads the TVE team to the front line of battle and who has just seen a suspicious movement a few meters ahead.

Ukrainian soldiers expect imminent Russian advance

Faced with this alert, the convoy stops on the side of a long, straight road dotted with snow on the sides. After verifying that it is a soldier of the Ukrainian army, the road continues to a trench where a military armored vehicle is trying to stop a possible passage of Russian troops.

The Ukrainian military commanders andexpect an imminent breakthrough, According to the Ukrainian soldiers, the Russians are very close and they are the last position, who must have the invading vanguard in case of an offensive.

Image of a Ukrainian army checkpoint OSCAR MIJALLO

Shortly after, TVE continues along the road by car and finds a village, now calm, but in no man’s land. For days without electricity. “We don’t know where they attack us from. The bombs come from everywhere”affirms a neighbor of the town.

A little further on is the house of Nikolai, a former Soviet soldier. As some detonations are heard in the distance, he tells us that he fears that the war will destroy the bees that he has cared for all his life.

The Russians continue to attack hard in the east and south of Ukraine

In the meantime, In many corners of the country there are firefighters working, because the missiles do not stop falling. The Russians continue to attack hard in the east and in the south of Ukraine. This Monday a Zelensky adviser has recognized that there are more than 900 towns without water, electricity or heating. One of them is Mariúpol. There, according to Doctors Without Borders, people are drinking water from the rain and snow.

In the south, Russia has distributed images of the military base of Kherson, already under his control. They assure that they have also taken over several settlements with access to the Sea of ​​Azov.

A TVE team interviews a Ukrainian soldier on the front line of the battle OSCAR MIJALLO

Another target is Mykolaiv, on his way to Odessa. There, according to the Ukrainian navy, this Monday they have reached a Russian ship that was advancing from the Black Sea and the threat is contained.

The other fronts continue in Kharkov, with civilian victims of the latest bombings, and in the surroundings of Kiev, the main objective.

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