This £2.50 Boots brow gel I use every day is ‘better than Benefit’ – Bethan Shufflebotham

I’m quite lucky to have fuller eyebrows, having been one of the few who didn’t fall victim to over plucking in the noughties.

However, I’m not without my insecurities, as a lack of pigmentation often leaves them blending into my pale complexion.

And while I have my brows regularly tinted, the color rarely lasts long, which is when I turn to this trusty £2.50 product from Boots.

The Natural Collection Brow Gel was launched in 2016, when I was working as a health advisor at the beauty retailer. It was priced at £1.99 and saw a mascara wand-sized spoolie inside a small container with which to coat your brows.

It was definitely a work-in-progress product, but I stood by its side until 2018 when it underwent a revamp.

My brows were tinted a few weeks ago, but I prefer a more dramatic look
My brows were tinted a few weeks ago, but I prefer a more dramatic look

Natural Collection updated all of their packaging, and at the same time, gave their brow gel a smaller applicator much more suited to brushing through brows.

It also saw a 51p price increase, but honestly – I’d have paid double for how much I adore it. I dread the day it could be discontinued.

The product comes in two shades: medium brown and dark brown. Frankly, the Boots-owned brand could be more diverse in their shade range, but what they do stock is perfect for me personally.

It sets out to ‘colour, define, fill and fix’ brows by combing through the hairs to tame strays, set them in place, and achieve a fuller look.

Now, the formula is one that’s quite ‘wet’ – a bit like that mascara that’s bound to smudge onto your undereye if you sneeze – but shoppers have advised a hack that I wholeheartedly agree with.

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Rating the product five stars, one reviewer said: “Wait for this product to dry out a tiny bit (sounds crazy but trust me) then it’s AMAZING!”

The Natural Collection brow gel comes in two shades
The Natural Collection brow gel comes in two shades

The first few applications can be a little messy, especially if you’ve never used the product before – but after a week, the consistency is perfect.

It’s not sticky like some brow gels, nor does it leave brows feeling crunchy. While it sets the hairs in place, the strands themselves are still malleable to offer a natural look.

One tip for applying though would be to start at the middle of the brow to define the tail before going in at the front to coat the hairs with what remains on the brush.

The Natural Collection brow gel is enriched with chamomile to ‘soothe and protect’, and my eyebrows never feel like they’ve been dried out or stripped after use, either.

For £2.50, I think it’s one of the best brow buys on the market – better than Benefit’s Gimme Brow or Glossier Boy Brow.

After using the Natural Collection brow gel in medium brown
After using the Natural Collection brow gel in medium brown

It defines my brows while still leaving them looking natural, and can be used to create tapered brows, or the more dramatic lamination/soap brow look.

Whatever your preferred style, it offers that little boost of confidence, and is a great size for taking in your purse for on-the-go application.

And I’m not the only one who loves it. Other Boots customers have said it gives ‘perfect eyebrows in a flash’ and love its affordability.

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One said: “Bought this on a whim as the price was competitive. Fed up with other pencils, pens and so called wonder products. This is fantastic!

“Make sure you wipe excess off brush when new or it’s a bit messy. Brush against the growth initially then in the direction of growth. Voila! Perfect eyebrows in a flash.”

Another added: “I love this eyebrow gel so much and it was perfect for me to add some color to my eyebrows and make them still look natural!”

You can try it for yourself here.

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