Thirteen million people cannot escape the conflict

Some thirteen million people in Ukraine are trapped in areas affected by the war with Russia and cannot escape due, among other things, to the destruction of highways and other roads, explained this Friday the representative of the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) in Ukraine, Karolina Lindholm.

They also can’t leave for “blockages or lack of information on where to go to find security and help”, he added in a videoconference from the city of Lviv. Lindholm has said that although international aid has arrived massively, it is the local authorities “who have led the humanitarian response from the first minute and they are doing it in an extraordinary way.

Ukraine has fulfilled last Thursday a month of conflict since last February 24 the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, ordered the invasion of the country. To this day, the bombing continues in some of the main cities such as Mariúpol or Kharkov, while the advance in kyiv and other parts of the Ukrainian territory continues to stall.

More than 3.7 million people have been able to leave

The war in Ukraine has forced more than 3.7 million people to leave the country, according to the latest data released by UNHCR. In addition, there are at least another 6.5 million internally displaced persons, that is, people who have had to leave their homes and who have traveled to other parts of the country to flee from the bombs. This organization estimated that refugees from the war in Ukraine could exceed four million.

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To deal with the scale of internal displacement, Lindholm said he is working with local officials to identify buildings and other facilities that could be converted into collective reception centers. “Millions of people will need support to have a place to live in the medium and long term,” the UNHCR representative anticipated. “It’s been a month since this all started and now it’s a crisis that evolves second by second,” she added.

More of half of expats in Ukraine have headed to Poland, which has already received more than two million refugees, but hundreds of thousands have also crossed the borders of Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. Since March 13, UNHCR only offers data on refugees who left through neighboring countries, even if they are already in other states.

Some 25,000 Ukrainian refugees could have already arrived in Spain, of which some 9,000 have already acquired a residence permit, according to estimates by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, last Monday.

Un hombre huye tras un ataque de artillería rusa en la ciudad de Járkov (norte), la segunda de Ucrania. Rusia continúa bombardeando esta ciudad cuando se cumplen 30 días del comienzo de la invasión.

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Bomberos ucranianos combaten un incendio provocado por los bombardeos en Járkov, segunda ciudad del país. Las autoridades ucranianas aseguran que al menos cuatro personas han muerto en los bombardeos de este viernes. 

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Proyectil sin explotar en un apartamento en Chérnigov. Esta ciudad del norte de Ucrania ya ha sido completamente rodeada por las tropas rusas, según ha anunciado el gobernador regional. 

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Milicianos prorrusos en un vehículo blindado en Mariúpol, el día 24 de marzo. Miles de civiles están atrapados por los combates en la ciudad portuaria de Mariúpol, en el Mar de Azov. El ayuntamiento ha pedido ayuda humanitaria urgente para evitar más muertes por inanición.

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    Bombing continues in Kharkov 30 days after the start of the war

    A man flees after a Russian artillery attack in the city of Kharkov (north), the second in Ukraine. Russia continues to bombard this city 30 days after the beginning of the invasion.

    At least four people have been injured in Kharkov, according to Ukraine

    Ukrainian firefighters battle a fire caused by shelling in Kharkiv, the country’s second largest city. The Ukrainian authorities assure that at least four people have died in the bombings this Friday.

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