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La Liga is more open than it seemed a week ago after Real Madrid’s draw and Sevilla’s victory over Atlético de Madrid. Meanwhile, Xavi has launched an enigmatic dart at a press conference.

La Liga is a matter of two

Real Madrid drew against Cádiz and Sevilla broke into force as the capital’s main rival this season after their victory against Atlético de Madrid.

Álvaro Benito: “The Cádiz defense is uncomfortable for any team, even more so when there are no dribblers. Madrid were being lethal in space and they generated enough to take the game, but Ledesma had very good interventions. Despite this, they have Years without attacking tight defenses well. The lateral centers are fine, but they can’t be so predictable. “

Gustavo López: “Sevilla played an important game against Atlético. Simeone’s men were fine with the changes, but they end up penalizing individual mistakes. Sevilla knew how to resist and take advantage of those mistakes, they won by doing what Atleti did a few years ago. years”.

“I made mistakes like Suárez’s as a footballer. It comes from frustration, because he can be fundamental if Atlético de Madrid plays closer to the area.”

Raúl Ruiz: “This of Suárez gives a bad image. I never did this in my career, and not for me, but for the teammate who is going to enter. I understand the anger, but not the forms.”

Sevilla’s options

Six points from Madrid and one game less, Sevilla begins to calculate their options to compete in the championship.

Álvaro Benito: “It’s a very reliable team that is hard to win, but it is also hard for them to win at times. Sevilla always compete, and from there the secret is up. things, it’s going to be there. “

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Gustavo López: “Sevilla is a very balanced team, they give me confidence. They have players in great shape, especially in defense. In attack they have many records, also. The only downside is that of the center forward, they can’t find someone reliable that does good what the team generates “.

Xavi’s dart

Xavi Hernández launched a criticism with no apparent addressee at a press conference, leaving the debate on Barça’s style in the air once again.

Álvaro Benito: “It is not a simple issue that Xavi tackles. Barça has to win every year, and the coach in charge must achieve it. Then, the idea of ​​the game. You can have a way of playing, but when you sign Players who do not marry that model, is that something is wrong. The thing goes beyond the model, it is going to win. One thing is to pass and another is to win. “

“The model depends on the level of the players in the squad.”

Gustavo López: “I don’t know if it is for the board of directors, but for who the manager of the quarry chose.”

“Barça also has an obligation to train players for the first team, and Xavi has seen that he has a lot of work ahead of him.”

Raúl Ruiz: “It is very difficult to maintain the Barça model. If you change the people in charge every two by three, nothing can be done.”

The review of the day

Rayo Vallecano and Levante have been protagonists in this day for very different reasons: while Iraola’s are fourth, the granotas have not quite raised their heads.

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Álvaro Benito: “We all thought we were going to have fun watching Rayo, but their moment exceeds all expectations. They defend very well away from the goal and generate a lot up front; for me, they are the team of the season.”

Gustavo López: “This Rayo has a lot of joy, courage and a coach with a huge future. They rebounded in the playoffs, however, now we are seeing Rayo with very good performance, it is joy to see them.”

Raúl Ruiz: “Levante made a mistake by kicking Paco López, they had to give him a chance and now they are paying for it. Besides, they are defending very badly. Their mood is not helping them; as soon as they scored the first goal, they remembered the game against Espanyol and doubts returned “.

“To the merits of Rayo we must add the moment in the board of directors. They have known how to fight problems.”


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