They dismantle a criminal group dedicated to drug trafficking in Euskadi and Navarra




2.5 kilos of cocaine, half a kilo of heroin, 18 kilos of hashish and 7 kilos of marijuana buds have been seized, in addition to more than 160,000 euros in cash and prohibited weapons.


Police operation

The Ertzaintza together with the Civil Guard of Navarra, have carried out a joint police operation in which it has been achieved dismantle a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking in the Basque Country and Navarra.

As a result of different information obtained by citizens, regarding the existence of several points of sale of narcotic substances in Navarra, the necessary steps were taken to confirm that in these homes there was an unusual movement of people.

After the first investigations, four possible points of sale of cocaine, heroin, hashish and marijuana in the area of Estella therefore, surveillance of the related persons was carried out. The study of the different points of sale revealed a high volume of sales.

During the course of the investigation, they managed to identify the person who supplied drugs to these four points of sale in Navarra and it was found that he traveled to Bizkaia to stock up on different narcotic substances, mainly heroin and cocaine.

It was also possible to discover that there was a criminal group that operated in the towns of Portugalete Y Santurtzi, as well as the identification of its components, its structure and hierarchy, modus operandi, as well as the establishments and buildings used both to store and sell narcotic substances.

During the investigation phase, it was found that the criminal group had a workshop in the town of Getxo for the preparation of the vehicles used by the group to transport drugs.

They were carried out simultaneously 19 home searches and a mechanical workshop. 11 of these records were made in the towns of Estella, Larraga and Ayegui in the Navarra Community and another eight in the towns of Portugalete, Santurtzi, in addition to the mechanical workshop also located in the town of Getxo. Likewise, the inspection and registration of four bars in the town of Portugalete were carried out, where sales of different drugs were allegedly carried out.

Said searches resulted in the seizure of 2,500 grams of cocaine, 500 grams of heroin, 18 kilograms of hashish, 7 kilograms of marijuana buds, more than 160,000 euros in cash, 1 large drone used for surveillance of the organization, 1 firing revolver, an extendable defense, a taser pistol, precision scales, computer equipment, as well as nine modified vehicles.

Finally we proceeded to detention 24 people, as well as the investigation of four others, all of them as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health-drug trafficking and a crime for belonging to a criminal group.

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