They are looking for the taxi driver who rescued a teenager when the car broke down after passing the driving test


Several motorists passed the 18-year-old, who had passed her test hours ago, but only one person stopped to help her after her car suddenly broke down.

Liliana Wilson just passed her driving test
Liliana Wilson just passed her driving test

A teenage girl has started a search for a taxi driver who came to her aid hours after she passed her driving test.

Liliana Wilson realized that she had mistakenly put diesel in her car’s tank instead of gasoline.

The vehicle suddenly broke down on Wednesday and she was left terrified just two hours after passing her driving test.

It was also the first time she had driven the car alone as she took to the roads of Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Several motorists passed the 18-year-old and noted that she was upset, but only one person stopped to help.

Liliana told Grimsby Live: “I passed my test and the first thing I did was go to Tesco and fill my tank.

Liliana Wilson’s car broke down hours after she passed her driving test


GrimsbyLive/Donna Clifford)

“I was about five minutes away from home and realized I put the wrong fuel in, so I broke down in the middle of the road, quickly put up my hazards and a lot of people passed me.”

“They looked at me through the window and they could see I was upset and then a lovely taxi driver pulled up.

“I think he was on his way to drop someone off, but he stopped and asked me if I had broken down.

“I said yes and then he pushed me down the hill and put me on the sidewalk so I wouldn’t get in the way of anyone.”

“It was horrible. I was probably there for about five minutes, but it felt like a lot longer.”

Liliana Wilson said other drivers saw that she was upset


GrimsbyLive/Donna Clifford)

“I called my mom and said, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ and the taxi driver stopped right after.

“I know how he is, if I saw him I would know who he is.

“But because I was in a panic, I didn’t even look at his log.

“I can remember what his car looks like, but that’s it. The only thing I can remember is him and his face.”

“He was probably in his fifties and had gray hair. He was smiling and had a little chip on his tooth, I remember that.”

“He was so helpful. I was there crying and thinking, ‘Someone please help me!’ But the taxi driver really restored my faith in humanity.

“I was in panic mode so I didn’t think to take his name or anything like that. He took the time and effort to put me on the curb and showed that there are some really caring people out there.”

“I just want to thank you so much. You had a job, but you went out of your way to help a young person. It was reassuring and I would love to thank you.”

Liliana wants to find the taxi driver who came to her aid


GrimsbyLive/Donna Clifford)

After the incident, Liliana’s mother, Annabelle O’Neill, took to Facebook in an attempt to find the mystery taxi driver.

She wrote: “Hi just trying to find a taxi driver who helped my 18 year old daughter today would like to thank him.

“She passed her driving test this morning and finally went out on her own, but unfortunately she broke down on Trinity Road near the junction with Taylors Avenue. She was driving a small red Citroen.

“The poor thing was so upset and so many cars passed her with their hazard lights on and they didn’t stop.

“But this amazing man stopped and helped her get her car to a safer place. For which, as her mother, I am truly grateful.”

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