They are accused of murdering mum by dousing her in petrol and starting fire


A mum was murdered by her son who poured petrol on her and sparked a deadly fire after a ‘furious’ argument, prosecutors allege.

Mark See, 34, is on trial accused of murdering his mother Sandra See, after a blaze ripped through the bungalow they shared on

He denies murder and is expected to say the death was a ‘terrible accident’, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The 63-year-old’s body was ‘incinerated’ in the flames and she had to be identified by a metal plate in her leg, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Minutes after the fire took hold, her son drove away from the house in Darras Road in Gorton, Manchester, and was discovered hours later lying in the fetal position in a churchyard by police.

Jurors were told that Mr See had returned home after a ‘normal’ day at work on July 12, to the home he also shared with his girlfriend, Natalie Hughes, who was Ms See’s full time carer.

She needed a Zimmer frame to get around after surgery following a fall.

Mr See, who worked as a driver collecting and delivering furniture, had returned with a one liter bottle of whiskey and two bottles of coke.

During the evening he became ‘increasingly abusive’ to Ms Hughes and his mother, prosecutor Francis FitzGibbon QC said.

“He was pressing his mother to drink with him, she didn’t want to but she went along with it and did anyway,” the prosecutor said.

They also drank some Guinness, and at one point Mr See ‘demanded’ £100 from his mother to buy more alcohol.

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“She refused to give it to him,” the QC added.

Ms Hughes saw him go into the kitchen and heard ‘banging noises’, before he returned with something partly concealed by his back.

He had a six pint milk carton which he used to store petrol for a lawnmower, jurors heard. Shortly after, she heard raised voices and then began to feel heat, and saw flames and black smoke.

Police at the burnt-out property on Darras Road.
Police at the burnt-out property on Darras Road.

She could not breathe and ran out of the property. Mr See followed a minute later.

He told her to ‘run’ but she refused, Mr FitzGibbon said.

“She’s dead, she’s dead,” Mr See is alleged to have said.

“Let’s leave her, let’s go.”

“We can’t leave her, we need to ring the fire brigade,” Ms Hughes replied.

About two minutes after the fire is believed to have broken out, Mr See drove away in his work van, at 2.19am.

Firefighters arrived about five minutes later. They were able to recover Ms See’s body from her, but it was described as being ‘incinerated’.

“The prosecution say that Mark See threw petrol at his mother and set fire to it, in the course of a furious, drunken argument while she was sitting on the sofa in her living room,” Mr FitzGibbon said.

“We say Mr See started the fire deliberately, intending to kill her, or at the very least intending to do her really serious bodily harm. That means what he did was murder.”

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His work van was discovered by police about an hour later, abandoned near the cargo center at Manchester Airport.

Mr See was found the following day, at about 7pm, lay in the fetal position in a churchyard close to where the van was found.

He had ‘significant’ burns to his hands and feet.

Mr See told the officer his name, and after being asked how he’d been injured, said: “I did it in the fire last night at my mum’s.”

He was interviewed by police on July 26, but made no comment.

An expert investigation into the cause of the fire determined it had ‘probably started as a result of deliberate ignition’, with an accelerating such as petrol being used.

“The prosecution say that the petrol got there because Mr See threw it in anger, and his mother was the target,” Mr FitzGibbon said.

“He may claim in his defense that the fire and the death was just a terrible accident.

“We say that once you have heard the evidence you will be sure that Mr See murdered his mother by deliberately setting her on fire with petrol.

“He knew what would happen and intended it to happen.”

The trial continues.


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