They all pretended they were helping women. Then they did something truly vile

Their victims were vulnerable, often drunk and alone in the early hours of the morning.

Despite their claims of wanting to help, these men went on to commit depraved acts.

Whether they posed as taxi drivers, or pretended to offer a helping hand, their true motivations were shown when they went on to carry out appalling crimes.

They are among the most sickening cases covered by our reporters – cases where sex offenders posed as Good Samaritans.

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Mark Topps

Mark Topps

Topps claimed he’d been acting as a Good Samaritan.

A 15-year-old girl became separated from her friends after being refused re-entry into a restaurant after she had she got ‘extremely drunk’.

Topps, 33, approached her on the streets of Manchester city centre.

He held her hand, and shortly after took her to his hotel room.

Police received a missing persons report, as her friends and family frantically tried to find her.

The next morning, she woke up next to Topps, a total stranger, and said: “I’ve never seen you in my life, who are you?”

Tests revealed that the girl had been sexually assaulted, and Topps’ DNA was recovered.

Topps later claimed he had been helping the girl, and had tried to remove her ‘from harms way’.

“Instead, you acted in a predatory manner,” a judge told him.

Last month, Topps, a dad from Whalley Range, was jailed for five years and three months after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

Ernest Lusadisu

Ernest Lusadisu

Lusadisu targeted his victim after she’d been on a night out in the city centre.

Slumped on a step on the pavement, the mum was highly vulnerable.

She didn’t usually go out drinking, and feared she’d been spiked after she was found to have cocaine in her system.

A court heard that she is ‘frightened’ of drugs, and had never knowingly used any before.

Sensing her vulnerability, Lusadisu took advantage of her, pretending he was a taxi driver and offered her a lift.

He then ‘abducted’ her and forcibly walked her to his car.

Lusadisu refused to take her home, and instead brought her to his flat and locked the door.

He sexually assaulted then raped her, even as she told him to stop.

She was bravely able to escape, but was left traumatized by her ordeal.

He was found guilty of rape and sexual assault after a trial, and in December he was jailed for 12 years.

John Geraghty

John Geraghty

Geraghty raped a woman who had been out celebrating the end of lockdown restrictions.

The woman, who is in her 20s, became drunk and was spotted by Geraghty. She was collapsed and crying in the street, and so intoxicated she was barely able to speak.

Members of the public went to go and help her.

Geraghty falsely told them: “I’m a friend, we know each other, you can go.”

He even answered a call from her worried mother.

“If he had initially acted as a Good Samaritan, such charity was extremely short-lived,” prosecutors said.

Her family later found her naked and sobbing uncontrollably at her flat, with Geraghty having left shortly before.

Sentencing Geraghty for the incident in Preston, the judge told him: ”I do not sentence you on the basis that you deliberately wanted to get into her flat and to take advantage of her – however, you should have realized she was beyond being able to give sexual consent.

”At that time, you perhaps did not realize the enormity of what you had done. But she was so drunk anyone would have realized she could not have consented.”

Geraghty, who lives in Preston city centre, admitted rape and in December he was jailed for six years and four months.

Marius Dolhascanú

Marius Dolhascanú

‘Predator’ Dolhascanu posed as a taxi driver before raping a woman on her way home from a night out.

Dolhascanu, 42, offered the woman in her 30s a lift in his BMW.

Instead of taking her home, he took her to another address and raped her.

He dumped her in Hindley, and after managing to get home she told her partner what had happened and alerted the police.

Dolhascanu was found guilty of rape following a trial at Bolton Crown Court, and in 2018 was sentenced to 11 years and six months in prison.

Speaking after the sentencing, investigating officer, Det Sgt Stuart Woodhead, praised the victim’s ‘outstanding bravery’.

He said: “Marius Dolhascanu is a predator who prowled Market Street in Hindley posing as a taxi driver before seizing his opportunity and subjecting an unsuspecting woman to a horrible ordeal.”

Andrew Green

Andrew Green

The young woman was raped after she mistook Andrew Green’s white car for the taxi she’d ordered.

By the time she had realized Green wasn’t a taxi driver, the doors had been locked.

Green offered to give her a lift home ‘for her safety’.

He told the 18-year-old that his daughter was her age, and hoped that if she was waiting alone for a lift, then someone would give her a lift too.

She had been waiting for a taxi at about 4.30am after a night out in Wigan.

Green started to become aggressive, then he raped her.

Green, from Atherton, was sentenced to six years and nine months in jail at Bolton Crown Court in 2018, after pleading guilty to rape.

After the hearing, Det Con Claire Hughes, of GMP’s Leigh CID, said: “It’s absolutely sickening that he tried to portray himself as a Good Samaritan when his only intentions were rape.”

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