They activate the orange alert for waves and the yellow warning for snow for this Wednesday




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Time will turn from Tuesday afternoon, and a sadder atmosphere is expected on Wednesday, accompanied by notices in various parts of Euskal Herria. The bridge ends, therefore, rainy and windy.

Although this Tuesday time has given us a brief truce, on Tuesday the tendency will be to worsen again, which will leave us a gray bridge ending with warnings and alerts in various parts of the Basque Country.

Several notices have already been announced in the CAV for the next few days. Starting Tuesday night, the yellow notice due to maritime-coastal risk. The impact on the coast will continue to be present on Wednesday morning and throughout all of Thursday, so the yellow warning will be maintained in these time bands. In addition, on Wednesday afternoon the Orange alert due to swell, and the yellow warning will be maintained for persistent rainfall from noon on Thursday to noon on Friday. Inside, the yellow warning for snow for Wednesday, which will run until dawn the next day.

In Navarra Media they have activated the yellow warning for snow for all of Wednesday. As indicated by the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet, there will be avalanche danger, and the accumulation of this will reach 4 centimeters in 24 hours. The warning will be extended until Thursday, due to the snowfall that will continue throughout that day, also accompanied by rainfall.

According to the agency Weather France, the color yellow will be the protagonist also in Iparralde. The warning will be activated for all of Wednesday due to possible snow avalanches and high waves on the coast. From Tuesday afternoon, the yellow notice due to strong gusts of wind, and it will come into effect again at dawn the next day due to an electrical storm and danger of flooding.

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Apart from the adverse meteorological phenomena that are coming, temperatures will rise these days, only to fall again towards the second half of the week. What’s more, from Tuesday noon the trend will be rainy, especially in the Cantabrian slope. Towards the evening-night the gusts of wind will gain strength, the rainfall will become more persistent and the snow level will also drop.

According Euskalmet, the rainy trend on Tuesday afternoon will last until the last day of the bridge, and heavy showers are expected. They will affect, above all, the Cantabrian slope, and it is possible that thunder and hail will appear. For its part, the snow level will be around 700-900 meters, especially in Álava. The south component wind will prevail on the coast and in the mountain areas. The aforementioned phenomena will affect temperatures: the maximum values ​​will not exceed 11 ºC on the coast, and will remain below 7-8 ºC in the interior, reaching freezing in the mountain areas.

Return operation

Due to adverse weather conditions, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has asked people who are enjoying the bridge in towns that are in the northern half of Spain or who, being residents in the north, are in other destinations, and have to travel by road, that advance the return to their places of origin and don’t wait for Wednesday to hit the road.

In addition to advancing the return trip, Traffic highlights that it is very important that the rest of the citizens residing in the northern half of the peninsula avoid all those road trips that are not essential and wait until there are no weather alerts.

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