there will be representatives of Podemos in Por Andalucía


The candidate of ‘For Andalusia’ to the next elections on June 19, immaculate grandsonhas guaranteed that We can be included in the lists of the coalition of lefts with which he will attend the regional elections. “There will be a campaign carried out by all the formations” and “there will be deputies from Podemos in the next parliamentary group,” he assured.

In an interview on TVE, Nieto has referred to the fact that Podemos and Alianza Verde have been left out of the coalition when registering their request to attend jointly after the deadline, after the agreement reached ‘in extremis’ to join ‘Por Andalucía’. The coalition has already submitted a rectification letter to the regional Electoral Board to include both formations, but for now it only formally represents IU, Más País, Equo and the Andalusian People’s Initiative.

“It has been very laborious to reach this agreement and all these abuses have not helped us, but we must give value to the happiness for the citizens” that this coalition supposes, he assured, and has promised to keep his word to go together to these elections, “how will it finally be”.

Grandson does not contemplate that Podemos is left out of the coalition, although the Andalusian Electoral Board does not agree to include it. “We are going to do what the team of lawyers is doing” to correct it, he asserted, and guaranteed that, “Having agreed, which was the difficult part, the rest will be resolved”.

“Any of the formulas we have will be the one that supports the political agreement and there will be a campaign carried out by all the formations” and “Podemos deputies in the next parliamentary group”, as well as “joint political and social work of the six organizations of the coalition”, he settled.

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Justifies the delay in the agreement in that “negotiations are laborious”

Asked about the delay in reaching the agreement to attend jointly, she argued that “negotiations are always laborious and reaching agreements of this magnitude is not easy”.

“It’s the first time in years” that leftist forces are able to go in a coalition with so many parties, something that “until recently it was impossible” to agree on. “This always has a lot of fringe and give many stitches” and “it was finished so just in time that the necessary moment for the registration was not reached,” he acknowledged.

Nieto explained that in “all these months of joint work” the first thing that was addressed was the ectoral programwhich was the “fundamental” thing: to agree on “the needs at street level” and on the measures to “improve living and working conditions”.

“In that there is no problem, there is not in the lines of the program and therefore, everything that comes in the future is to make ourselves available to the people, because they cannot remain without the guarantee that we will make way for a government that put an end to right-wing policies”, he stated.

Disassociate the coalition from the Yolanda Díaz project

In a national key Nieto has disassociated himself from the political project in which the second vice-president of the Government is working, Yolanda Diaz: “This unit is a milestone and is very important, but It is a clearly Andalusian project”.

Thus, he has said that, although “was born with the same unitary vocation” that Díaz hasthe also Minister of Labor “wants to carry out a listening project and has not yet been able to do so because she is very busy” in her work from the Ministry.

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What it has guaranteed is that Díaz “is going to actively participate” in the Andalusian campaign“but reconciling it with its obligation to the Government of Spain”: “As long as it continues to do so well, it will have a positive effect on the campaign and the growth of social support” for ‘Por Andalucía’.


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