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Real Madrid lose points to Sevilla, second, after failing to get past the goalless draw against Cádiz. The Hispanics sank an Atlético that is a direct rival and Barça, for its part, survived thanks to the young people of the team. The Sanhedrin analyzes all the LaLiga news.

Hazard starts again

Ancelotti took the Belgian out of the game for the match against Cádiz. Another novelty was the ownership of Fede Valverde in the absence of Modric.

Jordi Martí: “There is a fact that is disturbing when watching him play. On two occasions that he has tried to dribble or dispute the ball, he falls mature in the second cut. As if his legs were failing. Why is that?”

Antonio Romero: “Today you can say things about Hazard, but what I do not share is that” since I have not played for a month and a half … “You have not played for a month and a half because you have been touching your belly and the coach Your license plate has caught you. “

Mario Torrejón: “What needs to be demanded of him more because he has been one of the best in the world? Yes. That it has been two years without touching a ball partly because of him? Yes, but today Hazard has played football well today.”

Real Madrid, 36 shots and 0 goals

Ancelotti’s men did not find the goal and reaped one of their worst data so far this season: 36 shots and zero goals.

Romero: “Real Madrid came out thinking about the mattress they had. Sevilla have to show that they can hang on to the League, last year they didn’t. Real Madrid came out with a little bit of relaxation. They had the feeling that accelerating a little, the goal was going to arrive at any moment “.

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Anton Meana. “Unconsciously, it is normal for them to relax having these points. I put it in a crash bag, it is not a game to make too much blood against Real Madrid.”

Mario Torrejón: “Real Madrid I think they have been able to do little more to win, that’s why I would also put them in the accident bag. With a six-point advantage I don’t think they are about to relax, but I don’t think they are here to leave angry “.

Was it red for Casemiro?

One of the controversies of the party was carried out by Casemiro, who entered Alejo harshly.

Iturralde González: “It is a tackle from behind, when you throw yourself from behind your body is a weapon. It is not a VAR play, because it is very borderline. The problem with this play is that it is Casemiro, but you have to watch the action. Yes he uses excessive force, he’s red. He hits her with his thigh, not with his heels. I understand both red and yellow. “

Romero: “Anyway, what is wrong is the regulation. Someone who throws himself from behind, in scissors, in the center of the field and the regulation speaks of excessive force … If you do not have the possibility to play the ball and you jump to cut the career … People who have played football understand it. “

Jesús Gallego: “We have been talking for four years without stopping about the literality in the regulations. They are loading football, plays like Casemiro’s did not generate doubt”

Xavi’s statements

The FC Barcelona coach said, after the victory in extremis against Elche, that “we must return to the model, recover the positional game … We hope it will be a turning point”.

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Julio Pulido: “He makes a very serious statement accusing many people, and when they ask him who he means saying that the model has been lost, he points out that he does not know.”

Marcos López: “Xavi already knew where he was getting. His job is titanic, but they are going to give him signings and he has to focus on what he has to do now.”

Romero: “Whoever tells me that Barcelona’s problem is not knowing about the third man, jumping under pressure … Any average professional footballer knows these concepts, it is not something exclusive to Barcelona.”

Espai Barça is approved

87.8% of the members of the club culé approved in a telematic referendum the financing to remodel the Camp Nou.

Jordi Martí: “In terms of democracy, telematic voting is a turning point for the future.”


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