The writer Elena Poniatowska, after the robbery of her house: “The thief did not take a single book, that makes me very sad”


The writer Elena Poniatowska in an interview with EL PAÍS, in September, at her home in Mexico City.
The writer Elena Poniatowska in an interview with EL PAÍS, in September, at her home in Mexico City.Alejandra Rajal

They robbed the home of Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska and the author says she is sorry that no books were taken. “They searched, we found all legs up, but the thief was not interested in a single book,” he tells EL PAÍS by phone, “it makes me sad, here in Mexico no one ever steals one.” The author has reported the theft of her personal computer and a CD player.

On Sunday, when she returned at 5:00 p.m. from a meal with her children at a Lebanese restaurant near her home, the writer found the door open and the house, located in the quiet Chimalistac neighborhood, south of Mexico City, all in disarray . “The panties, the bras, everything on the floor … They were looking for something, a jeweler or something like that, but I don’t have jewels, I don’t have masterpieces here either, although perhaps that would require a specialized thief,” he says.

The author, Cervantes prize in 2013, points out that she had many personal documents in the stolen laptop: the columns that she writes every Sunday in the newspaper The Day, the beginning of a new novel and that of a story. “But I have those in my head, which is also a computer, I hope it doesn’t break down,” she says ironically. The family has filed a complaint with the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, which has opened an investigation folder for robbery of a home without violence and sent experts in photography, fingerprinting, criminology and valuation to the place.

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“At least 70 units came to my house, one after another, they all came to see, also some private, some policemen dressed in civilian clothes and others in their blue uniforms,” ​​says the writer, who adds that there is private security in the neighborhood , but that “it was worth a hat” to the thieves. Chimalistac is a colony of cobbled streets and ivy on walls and walls, hidden between Coyoacán and San Ángel, in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

The writer, who admits that she is very trusting – “I tell everyone: come to the house, come to him” – lives near a small park and a parish: “They must be Sunday thieves, who go to mass first.” And he adds: “I imagine it was stealing from my house or from the church, but the things that are in the church are big and it is difficult to take them away. Me laptop it was easy, I think they will be selling it ”.

Poniatowska, 89, assures that he is not going to take any additional security measures: “What action am I going to take, if I’m going to die?” with a sledgehammer on his head ”. He refuses to have the protection of a dog again, because he already had one, Shadow, who died and made him very sad, like when the squirrels attacked his parrot or his cat Monsi was lost.

Although she tries to downplay it, the writer admits that yesterday she was fine, but today she woke up “a bit sad”: “A robbery is an assault, it is a violation of your privacy.” But before hanging up the phone, wanting her to recover her spirits, she recomposes herself and ends: “I’m sure I’ll wake up happier tomorrow.”

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