The weather on the December bridge: sun and up to 20 degrees in the south versus rain and snow in the north | Spain


Several people walk under the snow, on November 27, in Pamplona.
Several people walk under the snow, on November 27, in Pamplona.Eduardo Sanz (Europa Press)

The weather on the Constitution and Immaculate Bridge “will be variable”, sums up the spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), Rubén del Campo, who highlights that in the northern third of the peninsula the rainy weather and snowfall will continue in the mountains until Monday, rains that will spread to large areas of the Peninsula on Tuesday and Wednesday. “The temperatures and the snow level will present marked fluctuations in the next days although, in general, the environment will be cold, with temperatures somewhat lower than normal”, although in the Andalusian Mediterranean it will reach 20º on Friday and Saturday, he adds The meteorologist.

This is the prediction, day by day:

Friday. It will be a day “of truce” in the northern third, because it will rain less than in previous days. In the rest of the northern half, cloudy intervals are expected, while in the center and southern half of the country it will be slightly cloudy, with some showers in the Balearic Islands. The elevation will be low at dawn, but will soon rise to 1,500 meters. Strong or very strong gusts of wind – over 70 kilometers per hour – will blow in the Pyrenees, under Ebro, Ampurdán and the Balearic Islands, even more intense in mountainous areas. It will dawn with frost in the interior, but the maximum temperatures will rise, especially in the northern half. On the other hand, in the Andalusian Mediterranean and Murcia, they will touch 20º.

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Saturday. With the arrival of a new front, abundant rains will return to the extreme north, especially in Galicia and the Cantabrian Sea, where they will be strong and persistent. In a weaker way, it can rain in the upper Ebro and northern plateau and stormy showers are expected in the north of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. The level will go down again and in the last hours it will be at 900 / 1,200 meters and the maximums will rise. “You can even exceed 20º on the shores of the Mediterranean. The maximums will only remain below 10º in mountain areas and the northern plateau ”, Del Campo specifies. The winds will intensify with very strong gusts in the eastern third of the Peninsula.

Sunday. It will be an adverse day in the northern third. “Probably, winds from the north and northwest will drag a mass of cold and humid air to Spain, so that locally strong and persistent showers will occur again in the Cantabrian area, where large amounts of rain and snow have been collected in recent days. , and the river flows are already quite saturated and high ”, warns Del Campo. There will also be very copious snowfalls in the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Mountains. The elevation will drop to 500/700 meters in the Pyrenees, 800 meters in the rest of the northern half and the center, although in the latter area it will end at 1,200 meters. The precipitations will extend weakly to mountainous points of the north and center and, occasionally, to the south-east mountain ranges. “In general, on Sunday the skies will be clearer in the southern half and on the shores of the Mediterranean, except in the Balearic Islands and northern Catalonia, where there will be showers that can be stormy,” adds Del Campo. Temperatures will drop, notably in the far north, and strong winds will blow off coasts and mountain areas.

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Monday. It will be similar to Sunday, with adverse weather in the northern third, with somewhat less intense but persistent rains in the Cantabrian area and in the Pyrenees. The elevation will rise as the hours go by and it will also rain in the Central and Iberian systems. There will be showers in the Balearic Islands and a sunnier atmosphere will be in the south of the peninsula and on the shores of the Mediterranean. Temperatures will rise, especially in the northern third, which will recover the values ​​lost the day before, and strong gusts of wind will continue in coasts and mountain areas.

Tuesday and Wednesday. Although the remoteness of the date makes the forecast uncertain, it is possible that an Atlantic storm, which will circulate through latitudes higher than those of Spain, cause “an important maritime storm in the North Atlantic, the British Isles and the western facade of the European continent. already for Wednesday ”. In Spain, a frontal system associated with that deep storm could arrive on Tuesday, which would mean rains in the north and west of the Peninsula, especially in Galicia, the Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees. Those rains would become widespread on Wednesday. “The areas that receive the most water are probably again the northern third and the mountainous areas of the rest of the Peninsula, with a level that will drop again on Wednesday, as temperatures will also begin to drop significantly,” says Del Campo. . It could snow below 800 meters in the north and snow depths would again be important in mountainous areas.

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The Canary Islands will have cloudy skies in the north of the islands of greater relief in the coming days, with weak rains in general, and sunny skies in the south. Intense winds will blow from the northwest and west, and temperatures will hardly vary.


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