The US sends its requests to Russia to prevent the invasion of Ukraine and insists: “The decision is up to them” | International


The escalation of tension that is being experienced on the Ukrainian border could begin, for the first time since it broke out, to decrease. This Wednesday the first step in this direction has been taken, but uncertainty continues to rule in Eastern Europe while hundreds of thousands of military troops wait to receive orders.

The United States has confirmed through its Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, that it has delivered to Russia the country’s official response in relation to the requests made by the Kremlin, with the aim of beginning to dissuade an iMoscow’s invasion of the Ukraine. Putin claimed stop the military activity of the Western allies on the eastern flank of the Old Continent, a request rejected by both the US and NATO, which have responded with other demands.

Blinken has specified in a press conference that this response from the United States is not joint with the one that NATO will make, but it does confirm that they are on the same line: “Your document completely reinforces ours and vice versa.” However, the US official has made it clear that the future of the conflict depends on what Russia does: “The decision is up to them. We are prepared [para las dos opciones]”.

The US response was delivered in person JOhn Sullivan, US Ambassador to Russia, to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The document addresses concerns that Moscow has publicly expressed, such as on security, and outlines areas where the United States sees potential for progress with Russia, such as arms control, transparency and stability, Blinken explained.

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Ukraine has the right to decide whether to join NATO

In addition, he warns that Moscow’s demand that Ukraine be excluded from NATO is not acceptable. “We will uphold NATO’s open door principle,” she said. Blinken has reiterated that Washington and its partners and allies are “ready” to hold Russia “accountable” in the event of an invasion of Ukraine, with actions that would entail “significant costs” to its economy, such as controls on exports from the country. Eurasian.

Similarly, he has emphasized the unity of the United States and its partners to “support what have to be inviolable principles to achieve stability and prosperity” in the coming years.

In addition, he has guaranteed that the allies are “adapting measures” so that the global energy supply is not affected “in case Russia wants to play with the gas supply” and to mitigate a possible rise in prices. Finally, she has stressed that Russia “has to choose” which path to take and has insisted that if it chooses “aggression” these actors are “united throughout the world.”

Tensions around Ukraine have worsened in recent weeks due to the increase in Russian troops deployed in the area, an issue that the international community sees as a threat of invasion. The Russian government, however, has rejected such accusations.


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