The US predicts that the war in Ukraine may last until the end of 2022

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has transmitted to their European counterparts that Washington considers that the war in Ukraine could last until the end of 2022, according to sources to which the American chain CNN has had access.

Those same sources have transferred the “concern” that exists within the international community in the expectation that a conflict will be prolonged even more, taking into account that there are no signs that the aspirations of the Russian president will change in the short termVladimir Putin.

This suspicion that the war could last so long stems from the belief that the possible major Russian offensive expected in eastern Ukraine could reach last between four and six months, and then come to a standstill.

Unless he faces a military defeat, Putin is not expected to give his arm to twist.

This idea of ​​a long war contrasts with the predictions that were made during the first days when the Russian president launched a blitzkrieg with which he intended to take kyiv as soon as possible.

The CIA does not rule out the use of nuclear weapons by Russia

The longer the war lasts, the deeper the humanitarian cost will be and the way out of the crisis will be more complicated.

Although these same sources have remarked that there is full determination in the international community to provide assistance to the Ukrainian people, have recognized that there will be significant challenges in terms of weapons delivery as the war progresses.

On the other hand, the director of the CIA, William Burns, assured this Thursday that the United States should not “take lightly” the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, given the complications encountered in its military offensive in the country.

“Given the potential desperation of (Russian) President Putin and the Russian leadership, given the setbacks they have encountered militarily, no one can take lightly the threat that tactical nuclear weapons may be resorted to or of low power,” Burns said after a speech he offered at a university in the state of Georgia (USA).

The CIA does not rule out that Russia may use nuclear weapons in the face of military setbacks in which it finds itself

The head of the CIA pointedNevertheless, they have not seen evidence that Russia is preparing for the use of this type of missile. “Although we have seen rhetorical positions on the part of the Kremlin around raising its nuclear alert level, we have not seen much tangible evidence of such deployments … to support these concerns,” he added.

Burns thus made reference to some previous statements by Vladimir Putin, in which he assured that he was going to put his nuclear weapons system on alert.

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