The two alleged hitmen deny having participated in the murder of Javier Ardines




The trial to clarify the crime of Javier Ardines has begun with the testimony of the two alleged murderers. Tomorrow it will be the turn of the two Biscayan people who sit on the bench: the alleged inducer of the crime, Pedro Nieva, and the alleged intermediary of the hitmen, Jesús Muguruza.


Ardines case trial

The trial to clarify the crime of Javier Ardines, the former IU councilor in Llanes, began this Tuesday at the Oviedo Provincial Court with a popular jury. Four people sit on the defendants’ dock: the alleged inducer of the crime, the zornotzarra Pedro Nieva; the alleged intermediary, the Biscayan Jesús Muguruza; and the two alleged material authors.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution request a penalty of 25 years in jail for each of the four defendants. For their part, the defenses of the four defendants reject their involvement in the crime and ask for their absolution for lack of evidence.

During the first session of the trial, the two men accused of acting as hitmen have assured that they never traveled to Asturias and that they neither participated in the crime, nor did they know the victim.

Djilali B. He has said that on the day of the crime, August 16, 2018, he was at his home in Bilbao and has insisted that he was never in Belmonte de Pría, the llanisca parish where Ardines lived and where he was assassinated a few meters from his home.

Despite the fact that the investigation found that his vehicle had been identified when he was traveling to Belmonte de Pría, the accused has indicated that he has a car “like everyone else’s” and has insisted that he is sure that that day I was in Bilbao.

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Djilali B. has affirmed that he only knew Pedro NA, who according to the accusations would have acted as an inducer of the crime out of jealousy after discovering that his wife was cheating on him with the councilor, and Jesús M., identified by the investigation as the inducer, as a result of this cause, and has added that with the also accused Maamar K. only had a friendship relationship.

In addition, he has accused the Civil Guard of doing with him “what they wanted” because, according to his version, he has “nothing to do with, nor did he participate” in anything related to the murder of Ardines, whom he did not know.

In a statement in which he has only answered questions from his lawyer, he insisted that the Civil Guard told him that the other three defendants had already testified and the agents “beat him, insulted him” and he could not bear the pressure when they told him that he would not return to his family, despite the fact that he maintained that he was innocent.

The second to declare has been Maamar K., who has also limited himself to answering his lawyer to admit that he had a cordial relationship with Djilali B., but that the friendship was broken when he was imprisoned in Switzerland to serve other previous sentences, he learned that he had implicated him in the murder of Ardines.

Maamar K. has not been able to give an explanation about what happened to the mobile phone of his property that the Civil Guard geolocated in Belmonte de Pría on the day of the crime because “he only knows that it did not work.”

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He has explained that he habitually traveled to Algeria for his family’s medical reasons, so if he had committed a crime in Spain he knew that it was impossible for him to be extradited and if it was related to the cause, the logical thing to do would be to stay in the country.

The trial, which will last for 18 sessions, will continue this Wednesday with the statement of the other two defendants, the alleged inducer and the accused of acting as an intermediary.

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