The Tubacex management, the committee and the Basque Government close the agreement that ends a long strike



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The majority of the works council has accepted the proposal, although it will submit it to the workers for ratification. The management has expressed its satisfaction with the agreement reached because it allows “necessary cost savings” for its future.


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The management of Tubacex and the representatives of the works council have reached an agreement to end the labor dispute in the Alava plantations of Llodio and Amurrio, whose workers have 232 days on strike, has advanced Radio Euskadi.

The meeting took place in Vitoria-Gasteiz, after management has accepted the latest proposal presented by the committee for avoid forced dismissals and thus enable a principle of agreement between the parties.

Most of the works council de Tubacex has accepted the proposed agreement that could put an end to seven months of strike, although it will submit it to the ratification of the workers.

The workers’ representatives have accepted the Executive’s proposal because “it meets the parameters to be able to bring it to ratification by the different affiliations.”

As reported by the committee, with this proposal the company’s management withdraw the appeal presented to the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country on the ERE, “so it is admitted that its causes were not justified.”

This solution involves the elimination of all forced layoffs, employment and investments are guaranteed until 2024 in exchange for “time-bound” adjustments.

For its part, address de Tubacex has expressed its satisfaction with the agreement reached because it allows “a necessary cost saving” for your future. After the agreement was made public, company sources have their “very positive assessment.” “We have reached an agreement that allows cost savings necessary for the future of the plants,” he concluded.

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The Union IS IT OVER THERE will take the proposal to the assembly of members, considering that the proposal includes the requests of the unions, and values ​​that there are no layoffs in the company.

In a statement, the union has highlighted that in the meeting held this Thursday with the Basque Government, the Labor Department has made another proposal that, compared to the previous one, “leaves out traumatic dismissals.” “It must be said that the measures proposed in the proposal are for the next 3 years, and at the end of them all rights will be recovered in their entirety,” he said.

CCOO Euskadi has valued the principle of agreement because “it gives viability to the company”, as well as to the Aiaraldea region “without suffering traumatic measures”.

According to the union central, the position maintained by CCOO from the beginning has been “decisive in reaching this principle of agreement, in the absence of ratification by the workers.”

LAB does not sign the agreement

LAB has not signed the principle of agreement, although it will submit it to a vote of its members, who will decide what will be the final position of the national union before said agreement.

In a statement, the Abertzale union has celebrated that the principle of agreement does not contemplate forced dismissals, “victory as a result, solely and exclusively, of the struggle and determination of the Tubacex workforce, the union of the workforce and the Committee, as well as well as the support of Aiaraldea and the working class. ” “After seven months of struggle, the company has been forced to give up its efforts and has had to renounce to carry out the layoffs,” he stressed.

In a statement, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, Elena Pérez Barredo, It has been shown “satisfied” by the principle of agreement because “it guarantees the maintenance of employment and the conditions agreed to date”, and has stressed that “the best solution is the one agreed between the parties.”

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As stated at the end of the meeting, “the Department of Labor and Employment believes that today is a good day in which we have managed to reach the meeting point between the management of Tubacex and the works council, a solution that we believe that was highly anticipated by both parties, but above all by the working people, by the auxiliary industry and by the whole of the citizens of Aiaraldea “.

“For our part, we do not enter to assess the contents of the pre-agreement signed today, because it includes the synthesis of the positions of both parties. That has been our task: to favor the space of the agreed solutions, and to do it when we are asked”, has insured.


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