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After two years and at least four major mutations, the time has come to agree with Amanda on Facebook, Deb who issued death threats, and Gary who emailed about “mentally-ill, radical, bitter, severely psychologically disturbed, most bought-and-paid-for, unintelligent, empty sandwich picnic box media whores of the pharmaceutical cartels”.

You’re right. You got me. Busted. Fine, I’ll confess to it all.

Every morning, I wake up and ask myself how I can do my bit to terrify the wits out of billions of people on 5 continents, and thereby restrict their liberty and my own.

No journalist would do this out of the goodness of their withered hearts, of course. I do it for money. Specifically, a share of Bill Gates’ multi-billion pound fortune.

It would probably be easier to marry him, but he seems reluctant


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I awake to a message sent overnight by the Japanese emperor, about how the borders have been closed to all new inward travel because he’s decided he can do without the £1bn a year the nation normally earns from tourism.

Then as Europe wakes up, Angela Merkel gets a b*llocking on the world leaders’ WhatsApp group about the fact she’s only managed to inject 42% of her population with the need for a Microsoft laptop.

Boris Johnson DMs before the school run, saying: “We’re doing so much better than Fritz, but d’you know what, Gates says he’ll give Barbados back to Queenie if we can persuade people to have a third jab too, get on it Foxy will you?”

Then I spend my day on broadcasts, online columns, and social media repeating whatever lies sound best from the International MSM News Agenda, which was cc’ed to all journalists in the world first thing.

Never mind the fact sheep are still cleverer than most anti-vaxxers



While I’m doing all that, the vast majority of the world’s scientific and medical community work hard at a thing that doesn’t exist.

They map the genome of something created by man, they design, deliver, then update vaccines we don’t need, and they cover themselves in PPE for 12 hour-shifts to tend people at risk of dying from a disease they have no risk that kills hardly anyone.

They expend huge amounts of time, sweat and effort doing all that, and then invent the information to share with the rest of the world, because every epidemiologist on the planet wants YOU, yes YOU, to have your freedom curtailed by the wearing of a mask when you spend 5 minutes in the chippie. Why wouldn’t Chris Whitty happily get assaulted in the street for that?

When Sky’s political editor-at-large Adam Boulton gets together for a beer with Kaye Adams off Loose Women, they have a right old laugh about how well the conspiracy is going.

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Meanwhile, Derek Draper the crisis actor is putting his feet up, and his wife Kate Garraway cries fake tears on GMB. Linda Lusardi cackles over her globalist payday from posing with an oxygen mask during a 9-day stay in a mostly-empty hospital. The tall bloke off Pointless tweets about getting his boosted 5G signal, which is handy for his neighbours who might otherwise find it difficult to get reception.

And Sir David Attenborough, who is famously anti-science, wears a mask because it absolutely does not stop more than 90% of the respiratory particles that contain viruses.

And the only people to tell you about this are renowned vaccinologist Carol McGiffin, a nurse who’s not allowed to nurse anymore, failed weatherman Piers Corbyn, and a handful of priests whose imaginary friend is a bit suspect.

We still await the answer on what, exactly, thousands of journalists, millions of medics, and the entire scientific community stand to gain from doing Mr Gates’ bidding, but presumably we can at least expect a free copy of Office 2021.

Please let me know in the comments, because I’ve been slogging my guts out on this for two years now and it really is about time I invoiced somebody for the £125 software package for a computer I don’t have.

We’re yet to fully understand what it is that the nanobots which don’t exist in the microchip that won’t fit through a syringe needle actually do once they’re not in your arm, but we do know that they’re not fixing childhood cancer, organ failure, or heart problems, despite how expensive they are.

The Amandas, Debs, and Garys, who spread this sort of tripe, do it because they’re frightened. They’re trying to control something they cannot, and think that risk is a personal choice, rather than something inflicted on you by others, like passive smoking or a hit-and-run.

And along the way, someone sees what they say, and think ‘oh, perhaps there’s something in that, it sounds right, Boris Johnson is definitely a liar, so….’ And before you know it, a family has an unnecessary funeral, or a country has an unnecessary lockdown.

There are those who make money out of this conspiracy, and it’s the ones who charge you for access to a website that confirms your worst fears, who sell you overpriced sweatshirts that advertise what kind of a prat you are, and when it reaches the level of government, it’s those who don’t like nice things being given to just anyone.

Much of science and medicine, by comparison, is helping with this pandemic for free.

Sadly it is difficult to inject compassion; although if you have your vaccine, you will feel a wave of gratitude


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Research has shown people who are disruptive online receive a dopamine hit, which makes it addictive, and an illness. So tell them they’re right. Remove their psychoactive drug, and they’ll slowly become more reasonable.

Then gently point out that the Delta strain had an R-rate of up to 9, and Omicron’s is likely worse. That the mutations we can see and understand, for the first time in human history, are all in the spike protein which our vaccines target. We don’t know much yet, but we know more, within a few days, about Omicron than any previous variant of the best-understood plague in history.

Relying on ‘natural immunity’ is like relying on the anti-virus protection that came with your computer. It needs updating, just like many other vaccines we have throughout our lives. With a PC, you have to keep paying Bill – with a vaccine, Bill’s one of those paying.

That’s not suspicious, or experimental. It’s been injected 8bn times already, and 54% of the planet is protected. The proportion of related deaths is miniscule, while the likelihood of deaths among the unvaccinated is 11 times greater than for those who have been jabbed.

Conspiracies involving 3 people will collapse within weeks; one involving the thousands required to keep ‘the scamdemic’ going wouldn’t last a day. Never mind that many journalists spend our days criticising the same governments you think we’re in league with, and that we are compelled to deal in facts because there are financially-painful consequences for lying.

But if you want to know the real reason we want you to take Covid seriously, it’s this: we have a vested interest in keeping our readers alive. That’s been our agenda for 320 years, and it’s worked so far.

Put on your masks, get your jabs. Let’s engage in a conspiracy against Covid, rather than each other.


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