The transformation of the ‘youtuber’ YosStop after leaving prison: feminist videos in exchange for freedom

The youtuber Yoseline Hoffman, known as YosStop, has published this Tuesday its first video with a gender perspective in compliance with one of the precautionary measures issued by a judge to bring his criminal proceedings free. Hoffman was released from prison after five months, after having received the pardon of Ainara Suárez, the young woman who denounced her last March for commenting on her social networks the recording of the group rape she suffered in May 2018 when she was a minor , and then re-victimize her on her YouTube channel.

Now the influence that has millions of followers must share content with a gender perspective as a remedial measure for the damage it caused. In the video that titled History of discrimination against women, Hoffman explains that there is still much to do to ensure that women have the same rights as men. “These are rights that we have had to earn little by little through this fight, rights that were never denied to men for the simple fact of being men and this fight against this balance continues, the problem is still not solved”, holds.

In just over eight minutes, Hoffman reviews the main advances of the feminist movement, although she avoids naming it that way and calls it “fighting discrimination against women” or “female empowerment.” Sitting in the armchair of her house and surrounded by her dogs, the youtuber talks about gender inequality from pre-Hispanic times to the most recent advances in the fight for reproductive rights. “This history lesson is only a small glimpse of the profound problem that still exists, the problem that many women continue to experience in our country, in other countries and around the world,” she says.

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“It is a matter of reality, the problem is systematic and historical, which means that it has been repeated in all parts of the world and this also refers to structural discrimination, that is, to a certain group of women,” he insists. However, afterwards it contradicts itself a bit. “Be careful, this does not mean that for the simple fact of being a woman, all women experience discrimination,” she points out.

This video is part of the reparation program imposed by the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, which also includes financial compensation, not contacting the victim and a public apology that Hoffman published on November 21. “I offer you, Ainara, my sincere apologies. To my followers I say, stoppers I screwed up, I made a big mistake, I hurt and assaulted Ainara without rights “, said the influencer in the video published on December 3 on the same channel that months ago she had used to insult her. Hoffman acknowledged in one of his YouTube videos having seen the recording of the sexual assault on Ainara, about which he also commented that it was his fault.

The agreement also means that for three years Hoffman will have to attend a monthly session of one hour to learn about discrimination, perspective and gender violence. In addition, YosStop will have to share a monthly video on their social networks about what they learned in these courses and monthly sessions and will have to donate 5% of their monthly earnings to feminist groups.

Accused of the crime of child pornography, Hoffman was imprisoned for five months in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison. The youtuber was arrested in June, accused of child pornography – since the acquisition, storage, reproduction, description and “publicity” of a video of sexual content of a minor is thus classified – a crime that after the pardon of the victim was reclassified by a judge as discrimination, a charge that carries no jail time.

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