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Congress approves this Thursday in plenary session the bill that modifies the revised text of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety, in terms of driving permits and licenses by points. Once approved, the new Traffic law comes into force the day after its publication in the BOE, foreseeably in the next few days. This new regulation coincides with the bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception: the week has two national holidays, December 6 and 8.

Goodbye to overtaking at 120 km / h or more on conventional roads

One of its main changes is that, predictably, it will be eliminated the possibility that vehicles now have of exceeding the speed limit by 20 km / h to overtake on conventional roads. The maximum speed on conventional roads is 90 km / h, which, with the new law in hand, can only reach a maximum of 110 km / h when overtaking on this type of road. This infraction will be sanctioned with 100 euros and will apply to both passenger cars and motorcycles.

In the absence of the final vote in the Plenary of the Lower House, which will take place late in the afternoon, parliamentary sources consulted by the EFE agency assume that the final text will incorporate that prohibition, to which PP and Vox have joined opposed openly during the debate.

The elimination of the margin to overtake on these highways (those that have a single lane in each direction of movement) included in the bill to reform the law on traffic, motor vehicle circulation and road safety, which the Government approved last 16 of March has been one of the most controversial aspects during its parliamentary process.

Both PP and Vox have criticized the elimination of the 20 km / h margin in overtaking because the risk of accident increases by increasing the time in which the maneuver is carried out and the distance traveled, against the criteria of the Government that defends the measured because 70% of fatalities occur on these roads, especially from frontal crashes.

Although this is the main change that the new Traffic law brings, there are others that must also be taken into account in the next trips:

Radar detectors, mobiles …

Fine of 200 euros and the loss of 3 points in the driving license for carrying radar detectors in the vehicle (it goes from minor to serious offense).

Loss of 6 points on the license if we drive with the mobile in hand (now there are 3 points).

The points that we will lose will go up from 3 to 4 if we do not use the mandatory safety systems (seat belt, child restraint system, helmets, etc.) or we do it wrong: not wearing the safety belt or helmet correctly fastened, for For example, it also has negative consequences for safety.

Leaving the car on when we are stopped and / or parked in scenarios that go beyond traffic lights and possible traffic jams will carry a fine of up to 100 euros.

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