The ten best moments of the gala

The 2022 Goya Awards have not been stopped by the pandemic. This 36th edition held at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia has returned to face-to-face, after last year’s online gala. The public is back, the red carpet, a barrage of stars and the reunion, although with a certain melancholy tone. Plus a vintage of excellent cinema with the international brilliance of Cate Blanchett, who has fallen in love with her.

A restrained ceremonywith constant references to those who are no longer here, to the drama of immigration in Lesbos embodied in Mediterranean, to the courage of Maixabel Lasa, widow of Juan Mari Jaúregui assassinated by ETA and to the endemic precariousness of the cinematographic sector.

A gala in which he has triumphed the good boss, by Fernando León de Aranoa, with six goyas, who has resorted to the formula of flying presenters (Rosana Pastor, Ana Milan, Arturo Valls…), and has been peppered with sober musical performances. These are some of the best moments.

Cate Blanchett loves Spanish cinema

It was one of the most anticipated awards and it has not disappointed. A smiling Cate Blanchettthe first International Goya of the Academy Awards, has brought the entire Palau de les Arts to its feet to applause, which has surrendered to its charm.

Cate Blanchett collects the first International Goya and praises Spanish cinema

From here the praise has flown to his “deliverers” Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodóvar with whom he rolls Manual for cleaning women, and that they are “inspirational”. Blanchett has confessed that her passion for Spanish cinema started in high school where seeing Buñuel’s work changed “his way of seeing the world“.

Australian actress, shining international star with two Oscars, has been proud of the sector’s effort in the pandemic, a time “to live with uncertainty”. With a “good night, Spain”, broken in Spanish, she has said goodbye, in a ceremony with many languages: Valencian, Galician, Catalan, Basque and Portuguese have been heard in Valencia. Brightness and warmth in the Goya.

Bardem adds, follows and thanks

He was the clear favorite and the pools have not failed. Javier Bardem has won the Goya for best actor for his finely tuned performance in that wild satire on labor relations that is the good boss, and he already has six goyas. A record, to which he also adds his recent Oscar nomination.

Javier Bardem gets the Goya 2022 for best actor for ‘The good boss’

Bardem competed with three other heavyweights of Spanish cinema, Javier Gutiérrez, Eduard Fernández and Luis Tosar, whom he thanked one by one for their good work because “they are great actors whom I respect”. A few generous words were also made by his friend Fernando León de Aranoa for his “inspiring moments” that unite them in a tandem of cinema and friendship through time.

Very emotional has been the closing of his tender speech quoting his wife Penélope Cruz “whom I admire, respect and celebrate every day”. Bardem has addressed his children and has remembered his deceased mother, Pilar Bardem, as her main reference.

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Blanca Portillo’s “unconditional love”

“Unconditional love” to all her nomination partners, to the “tenacious and brave” producers, to her friend, the director Iciar Bollaín “for opening her world to her”, to her mother who passed away two years ago and, above all, “love unconditional” by Maixabel Lasa “for never giving up”, Blanca Portillo told her to an emotional Lasa, in tears in the audience.

Blanca Portillo wins the Goya 2022 for best actress for her role in ‘Maixabel’

“It’s a monument to love, to generosity and empathyI declare my unconditional love for Maixabel Lasa, for bringing light to the world, for making this world a better place, for fighting for it, for never giving up and being as beautiful as you are”, underlined Portillo, after receiving the award .

This is how Portillo celebrated his first goya for his moving performance in maixabelwidow of Juan María Jaúregui, assassinated by ETA in 2000. His words have ended with a shower of warm applause.

The “good harvest of garlic” by José Sacristán

Pepe Sacristan, myth of Spanish cinema, has collected his Goya of Honor with a speech that has touched by its load of depth. With her brilliant eloquence she has dazzled the public that has risen to its feet, and Sacristán has done it again.

He has remembered his time at the Film Academy, of which he was one of the founders, of “this noble and hard-working troop”. And he has continued the poetry remembering his parents, “Venancio and Nati”, and his childhood in the countryside.

José Sacristán receives the Goya of Honor 2022

“In the countryside it is known that there is a time to till the land, one to sow seed and another to reap the fruits. Thanks to all those who, with their trust in my work, allow me to continue plowing, sowing and reaping fruits like this”, he added. Grande Sacristan, who has said in a recurring quote of his in which he alludes to the “good harvest of garlic”, in reference to the love he receives from the profession and the awards.

Sabina’s return

The Goya gala has brought back the broken voice of Joaquín Sabina, one of the most publicized performances. On his 73rd birthday and two years after his last in concert, Sabina has risen again to a stage to perform the song “So young and so old” with Leiva.

The artist from Jaén, who has provided the soundtrack for several generations, was at the ceremony for the first time. Long live Spanish cinema!the singer-songwriter who has acted seated and wearing a hat has said goodbye.

Sabina returns to the stage at the Goya with Leiva singing ‘So young and so old’

And more music. C. Tangana, author of the best-selling album in Spain in 2021The Madrilenian, has premiered a new song, “Te venero”, at the Goya Awards. Dressed in a black suit jacket, a white scarf over his shoulders, and sunglasses, accompanied by the young artist Rita Payés, and by various musicians on stage, the singer, producer and composer from Madrid, winner of three Latin Grammys and nominated for a Grammy, has presented this new song live, in which both artists have been alternating their voices.

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house light has been in charge of putting the melody to a very emotional In Memoriamin which the personalities of Spanish culture who have left us this year have been remembered, including Veronica Forqué, Enrique San Francisco and Almudena Grandes.

The borderline situation in Afghanistan: No to the Taliban!

The director Sahra Karimi, one of the benchmarks of Afghan cinema in recent years (Hava, Maryam, Ayesha), managed to escape the country when the Taliban took power six months ago and has since relentlessly called on the international community for help. Karimi has cried out from the Goya speaker against the radical regime that “erases” and oppresses women and prohibits them from making movies.

Sahraa Karimi asks at the Goya not to recognize the Taliban regime: “They oppress culture, they attack cinema”

“If international countries recognize the Taliban, this extremist, militant, terrorist, anti-woman group, anti-art and anti-cinema, they are giving the Taliban permission to destroy the future of Afghanistan and Afghan women in particular, who have the right to education, work and freedom. All the filmmakers of the world, all the Spanish filmmakers: Raise your voice for Afghanistan, for Afghan women, for Afghan cinema and for our stories”, she pointed out in one of the most emotional moments of the night.

Maixabel Lasa’s inspiration: “You are an angel”

María Cerezuela, who has won the Goya Award for best new actress for his work in maixabelhas dedicated the award to the real protagonist who inspires the film, Maixabel Lasa, wife of Juan María Jáuregui, assassinated by ETA.

María Cerezuela wins the Goya for best revelation actress: “This award goes to María Jáuregui”

“Mayabel, you are an angel and we owe you a lot everyone”, Cerezuela, who plays Jáuregui and Lasa’s daughter in the film, pointed out among her thanks.

The actress has received the award from the hands of Adam Nourou, who won the award for revelation actor last year, and after videos of the relatives of the nominees were screened. One of the surprises of the night.

The history of cinema and female composers

Zeltia Montes is the second woman in history to win the Goya for original music and she has achieved it for the good boss. With a slow tone and on the verge of tears, Montes has put its finger on the sore spot of women composers to which the “history of cinema” has not treated very well and how difficult it is “for them to trust your criteria and give you a chance”.

Zeltia Montes, Goya to the best original music for ‘The good boss’

He has thanked his parents for the very expensive education they have provided him to carry out his studies. And a knock on the consciences more: the precariousness in the production chain for the musicians. “That the producers reflect on how much the music does for their film and what value they give it. They are asking us for something that is not affordable, with soundtracks like those of Hollywood with 30 times more budget”, she pointed out very excited.

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Echegui asks Pedro Sánchez to take harassment seriously

Verónica Echegui, director of the best fiction short film of the Goya for wolf totemhas thanked the Academy for “focusing” on this story, which recreates the supposed tradition of a town where men dress up as wolves and go out to hunt women, based on a personal experience. The actress and director has invited the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, present at the gala in Valencia, to see the piece: “Take it seriously”, she has requested.

‘Totem Loba’ wins the Goya 2022 for best short fiction

Echegui has shown his satisfaction with the Goya achieved, since he gives this story told from a feminist perspective “how relevant it is.” And he has addressed the President of the Executive, to tell him: “I would love for you to see it with your daughters and with your wife and then we will talk. Take it seriously.”

Barroso reminds a “neighbor” of the value of Spanish cinema

The president of the Film Academy, Mariano Barroso, has vindicated Spanish cinema in his traditional speech and has articulated his words around a neighbor whom he met in the supermarket and asked “what did he do apart from cinema”.

“I would have reminded him that ours is a profession that contributes to enriching our country. And I’m not just talking about money”, he stressed. In addition, he explained to the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, (although without expressly citing her), that the actors are “those who have the least paid work”, recalling the endemic precariousness of the sector.

I remember Almudena Grandes, Verónica Forqué and Pilar Bardem

An economic and social factor that Fernando León de Aranoa has also touched upon, who has ensured, by picking up his Goya for best original screenplay for the good bossthat “the first notes” for this project las he took “eleven or twelve years ago, in the midst of the economic crisis”.

“And in the following years, the successive labor reforms that were approved and that did so much damage to the rights of workers, fed and encouraged me to write this story.

León de Aranoa, who received one of the great ovations of the night, has detailed the long process until, a couple of years ago, he finished the script. “Now this is the final photo”, has exposed. “Those of us who make films – he reflected – are long-distance runners. It takes a lot of tenacity and passion. José Luis Borau explained it much better when he said that to make a film you need to be in love”, he concluded.

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