The TC suspends the roadmap approved by the Catalan Parliament


constitutional Court


In addition, it has warned the president of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, and the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, among others, of the consequences if they ignore the suspension.


The eleven magistrates that make up the constitutional Court (TC) have agreed this Monday to suspend the resolution by which In the past week the Parliament of Catalonia began the process of disconnection with Spain and they have taken the first step to adopt, if necessary, the measures requested by the Spanish Government such as the imposition of fines or the opening of criminal proceedings against those responsible for the parliamentary initiative.

Sources of the court of guarantees have indicated that the decision adopted after an hour and a half of debate does not imply the adoption of these measures yet, although the first step is taken to carry them out.

In this sense, the president of the Catalan Parliament is required, Carme Forcadell, the other members of the Bureau of Parliament and the secretary general of the chamber so that, within 20 days report on compliance with resolutions already adopted in December and last July 19 “for the eventual adoption by the Court of the measures provided” in the Organic Law to enforce its resolutions.

The admission of the incident also implies transferring to the prosecution and the Parliament of Catalonia the request for annulment made by the State Attorney last Friday. In this sense, the Plenary of the TC gives 20 days period for the parties to formulate the allegations that they deem convenient.

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The decision adopted this August 1 unanimously by all the members of the tribunal will be notified personally to Carme Forcadell, to others Members of the Bureau of Parliament and to secretary general of the chamber, So as well as President Carles Puigdemont and the rest of the members of the Governing Council of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

In this sense, the TC warns them all “of their duty to prevent or paralyze any initiative that involves ignoring or evading the agreed suspension, warning them of possible responsibilities, including criminal, that they may incur.”


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Generalitat, Raül Romeva, has assured this Monday that “in the State the competence to do politics rests with the Constitutional Court (TC), which is quite paradoxical in what we call separation of powers.” “It is unheard of that today a parliament cannot discuss everything,” he criticized in an interview with TV3.

Asked about possible criminal responses that may lead to continuing with the independence roadmap, Romeva replied: “We are very aware of what we have come to do and the consequences it may have.”

On the other hand, the deputy of the CUP in Parliament Mireia Vehí has ​​insisted that his party does not intend to abide by any decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) and that they will continue with the deployment of the constituent process.

The also deputy of the CUP, Anna Gabriel, has warned that, if there is a disqualification of Carme Forcadell or other elected officials in Catalonia for endorsing the vote of the constituent process, there will be “a response from the country to such a serious event.”

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The general coordinator of the Catalan PP, Xavier Garcia Albiol, has stressed that he hopes that the Catalan institutions will recover the ‘seny’ after the “wake-up call” that the Constitutional Court has given to the Parliament after suspending the conclusions of the study commission of the constituent process. Albiol has considered that the suspension is very positive, as is the decision to give Parliament 20 days to present allegations.

The deputy of ERC in the Congress of Deputies, Joan Tardà, has criticized the decision of the Constitutional Court and has contemplated the possibility that his party does not comply with what this court says. “The most important thing is that we will remain faithful to the Parliament of Catalonia. If we have to disrespect, we will disrespect,” he explained in statements to Catalunya Ràdio.

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