The TC suspends on a precautionary basis the reform of the Parliament’s regulations





The appeal filed by the Spanish Government against this reform has been admitted for processing, which automatically leads to the suspension of the rule.

The plenary session of the Constitutional Court (TC) has provisionally suspended the reform of the Regulations of the Catalan Parliament with which the Government of Catalonia intends to expressly process the referendum of October 1.

The magistrates, meeting today for just 45 minutes, have unanimously agreed to admit the appeal presented by the Spanish Government against article 135.2 of that reform, which automatically entails the suspension of the rule while they pronounce on the merits of the matter, for which they have a term of five months.

The Constitutional Court has also warned the president of Parliament, Carme Forcadell, the other six members of the Board, the chief lawyer and the secretary general of the Chamber, whom it expressly prohibits the processing of a bill by the reading procedure unique (as established by the contested reform) and warns them of possible responsibilities, including criminal ones, which they may incur if they disobey.

The Court, as requested by the Government, agrees the personal notification of the resolution to all of them and reminds them of their “duty to prevent or paralyze any initiative that involves ignoring or avoiding the agreed suspension.”

Forcadell: “Intentions are judged”

After hearing the decision of the TC, the president of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, recalled that the single reading procedure exists in several state parliaments and has criticized its decision: “They are judging what we will use it for and this in criminal law is absolutely undemocratic” .

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In statements to TV3 this Monday collected by Europa Press, Forcadell has assured that “the same sentence of the TC on the single reading says that there is no impediment for any law to be processed, no matter how complicated, by the single reading procedure “.

According to Forcadell, the decision of the magistrates this Monday shows “that not all parliaments are equal, that not all citizens are equal and that intentions are judged.”

Resource of the PPC and Citizens

To the aforementioned appeal of the Government of Rajoy we must add a second appeal presented today by the Popular Party of Catalonia (PPC) and Citizens (Cs), since the aforementioned parties consider that through the aforementioned reform of the regulation the parties that defend the referendum treat to “cheat”, change the rules of the game and “gag” the opposition.

The PPC deputies Andrea Levy and Cs Lorena Roldán have presented this joint appeal that both parties announced when the Autonomous Chamber approved this express reform last week to guarantee the approval of the “disconnection” laws.

“They want to muzzle the opposition and they are not going to achieve it,” Andrea Levy told reporters after presenting the appeal, who also warned that “all democratic resources” that are necessary to prevent the independentists from imposing his law. “

For her part, Lorena Roldán has indicated that it is a “gag” reform with the sole objective of “silencing” the opposition, when said opposition “adds more votes than those obtained by Junts Pel Sí and the CUP.”

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Levy and Roldán have joined the Constitutional Court to present this appeal.


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