The TC prohibits the Parliament of Catalonia from debating self-determination




The Constitutional Court has warned Roger Torrent that he will commit a crime if the Catalan Chamber passes resolutions in favor of the right of self-determination or to reprove King Felipe VI.

The Constitutional Court has issued a new notice to the president of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, and the rest of the members of the Bureau about the criminal risk of the ddisobedience elite if you ignore or evade your resolutions, as reported by the EFE agency, citing legal sources.

It is the third time in less than a month that the TC has warned Torrent of the possibility of committing a crime, and this time it does so by admitting three nullity incidents presented by the Spanish Government against two agreements of the Table of the Parliament of October 22 and 29.

In the first resolution, which admitted for processing a proposal for a resolution of response of the sentence of the “procés” the defense of the right of self-determination, the sovereignty of the Catalan people and the disapproval of King Felipe VI. In the second, the requests for reconsideration from the PSC, Ciudadanos and PP groups were rejected.

The TC has suspended at the request of the Spanish Government a paragraph of the resolutions, in which the will to reiterate “as many times as the deputies wish, the defense of the right to self-determination and the claim of the sovereignty of the people of Catalonia to decide its political future “.

The Spanish Executive also asked the Constitutional Court to address the Prosecutor’s Office in the case of considering that the members of the Table could commit a crime, although the TC has for the moment refused to agree to this request.

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What it does do is personally warn the president of the Catalan chamber, the secretary general, Xavier Muro; and the members of the Board Josep Costa, Joan García, Eusebi Campdepadrós, David Pérez, Laura Vílchez and Adriana Delgado.

In several orders, it advises them of their obligation to prevent or paralyze any initiative that involves ignoring or circumventing the agreed suspension.

Torrent affirms that it will not allow censorship in the Parliament

For his part, the President of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, has explained that he will ignore the notices of the Constitutional Court because in the Catalan chamber “you should be able to talk about everything” and has called challenges to resolutions on monarchy or self-determination as “attempts at censorship”.

“In the Parliament of Catalonia you should be able to talk, debate and vote on everything. It is the freedom of expression of the deputies and thus also protects the rights of the citizens they represent, “said Torrent, who has assured that neither he nor the Board will prevent debate and vote on the proposed resolution of ERC, JxCat and the CUP on the response to the sentence of the ‘procés’.

“The Government focuses on me the responsibility and the decisions of the Parliamentary Board. There is a will to individualize the responsibility, but what the Government does not know or understand is that these debates will continue to live in Catalan society. It is not a question of a president or another, “he said at a press conference.

For Torrent, “It is dangerous to try to limit parliamentary debates”, so that he “will remain where ever”, that is, “in defense of the right of parliamentary groups to be able to position themselves on everything.”

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In addition, he recalled that, “on self-determination, the Parliament has approved resolutions since 1989.”

Torrent has urged Sánchez to stop “parliamentary persecution” and “sit down to do politics at a dialogue table”.

On the other hand, he has dismissed as “absolute abnormality” the fact that “the TC meets urgently to once again threaten the Bureau and the president of the Parliament.”

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